Tuck kicks off Go-Fund-Me Fundraising Campaign for EFry NB – A Gathering Place!

At Tuck, we understand the importance of creating a beautiful and welcoming space that is conducive to the needs of the people it serves. With the pandemic requiring us to spend much more time in our homes, it has been an opportunity to do renovations resulting in a change that suits our needs and styles. For non-profit organizations, they’ve realized the same need to create welcoming and multi-functional spaces throughout the pandemic. But these transformative measures are financially more difficult to accomplish and require the aid of the public. This is why we need your help. The Elizabeth Fry Society NB (EFryNB), which helps women and gender-diverse people who have been incarcerated and their families, in providing support and guidance to help create positive change for themselves and their communities, is seeking donations as they renovate their Gathering Space. This main level renovation on Adelaide Street (North) will offer an expanded area to craft, create, connect, ground, trust, and grow. This space will offer a safe welcoming environment for women and gender-diverse persons, who may be or are criminalized, to come together and connect through communal cooking, baking, and other creative activities.

Tuck Studio has contributed $10,000 as PHASE ONE to kick off the renovations for the Gathering Space. In addition to this contribution, we offered to continue our service to EFry in helping raise money and awareness on completing  PHASE TWO.  At EFryNB, we believe every person, given a chance, can make a positive change for themselves and their families. We invite you to join EFryNB and Tuck’s commitment to support our most vulnerable citizens and take action to build a community of acceptance.

At this point, the walls are down, the room is painted, electrical and flooring replaced.

Now we ask for your support to bring the room to life by adding a full kitchen with a fridge and stove together with all the necessary supplies to make a community kitchen functional.

Here is what $25,000 raised for PHASE TWO will bring us:

- Kitchen and storage cabinets: $19,950

- Stove: $1500

- Fridge: $1700

- Kitchen Supplies: $1400

- Sink/Faucet: $400

If there’s one thing we know about our Tuck community, it’s that they are a giving one. 

On past fundraising opportunities, through our community's support, we were able to bring Reham’s family safely to Canada from Syria. The target donation was staggeringly surpassed! You can read more about this initiative here. We were also able to renovate the meeting room at the Sophia Recovery House, which serves more than 200 women seeking recovery from addictions, thanks to our clients support in 2020.  This room is where they receive counselling, peer support and mentoring, and participate in group programs.  You can read more about this initiative here

Based on the generosity of our city and community in the past,  we believe we can achieve PHASE TWO. These positive changes cannot be made for our marginalized communities without your support. Every little bit helps so please give what you can and a charitable donation receipt will be issued.

 “My experience in Saint John is that it’s such a generous community, and often people just don’t even know that there’s a need, a lot of people don’t even know what the Elizabeth Fry Society is,” says Judith Mackin. “We want when the women come to ‘a gathering place’ and they’re sitting at their table or they’re cooking, they’re being honoured,” she said. “I think that’s a really important thing to think about, that you are worthy and you do deserve everything that everybody else has.”  Together we can make this happen. 

Yes! I'm ready to Give!


The Elizabeth Fry team with Judith, kicking off the Go Fund Me Campaign, Phase 2 of A Gathering Space For Women.

Yes! I'm ready to Give!

See where we started!  The main offices of EFryNB have had all the walls, studs, wiring and flooring taken away to create a large open 'Gathering' space for the residents and community of Efry!  Scroll down to see Phase 1 complete, and how we need your help to complete Phase 2!

Yes! I'm ready to Give!

Here is what your donation of $25,000 raised for PHASE TWO will bring EFry's A Gathering Place:
- Building, installation of a new Kitchen and storage cabinets for crafts, supplies: $19,950
- A new stove: $1500
- A new Fridge: $1700
- New Kitchen Supplies: $1400
- A new Sink/Faucet: $400
Beautiful open, gatehring space.

Yes! I'm ready to Give!

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