“Embrace Winter Wonder” – Tuck’s Holiday Lookbook 2021 is LIVE!

Welcome to our highly-anticipated Holiday Lookbook!  We've been working on this for a very long time (ten months to be exact).  Our inspiration this year is 'Embrace Winter Wonder.'  The book, featuring the photography of Kelly Lawson, is set at Judith & Robert's cottage on the Kingston Peninsula.

This year's Lookbook is a holiday-themed journey through an 1802 Loyalist treasure, positively ablaze with festive decor and fireside warmth; its pages are chock-a-block full of seasonal inspiration enlivening the cottage's various rooms and settings.


We have chosen to launch our Lookbook on ISSUU this year for several reasons but the main one is that this platform allows you, our loyal reader and customer, to shop & explore by clicking directly to our online shop. Simply hover your mouse over the links and it will take you directly to that relevant info on a particular product.

You'll also note that we've included any number of 'cameo' appearances from sundry other artists, stores and collaborators.  Not everything is for sale in this book but hopefully everything is a potential source of inspiration to you.  Please feel free to share with anyone you think may enjoy embracing Winter Wonder!

Happy Holidays from the TUCK TEAM!

NOTE: This Lookbook is best viewed on a computer as it reads like a book; i.e., from left page to right. 

However, if you are reading it on your phone we find that by downloading the ISSUU App makes for a better viewing experience and highly sharable!

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