The Tuck Team

Whether it’s finding the perfect sofa, light, or cushion or providing you with plans for a one-room-makeover or complete renovation, Tuck is committed to helping you create a beautiful space!  Above all, we are in service to our clients and are determined that everyone who visits Tuck leaves feeling like it was a terrific experience.

We’re committed to working closely with each other, with our brand partners and most of all with you, our clients.

At six members and growing, we’re a synergistic team of like-minded individuals brought together by a passion for boldly re-imagined interiors, whatever their size, shape, or purpose.

Image made By Scott MunnImage made By Scott Munn

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Judith Mackin

Creative Director & Founder, Tuck

“As a child, every Saturday morning I’d lock myself in my bedroom, re-arrange all the furnishings and toys, then pass out a score sheet to my parents, who would dutifully assign me a mark in the various categories Thus was my passion for interiors lovingly fostered. Not much has changed. Only now I do it for clients and I have a store full of lovely things from which we both can choose.” - Judith

Judith has won several awards for her entrepreneurial excellence and interiors, and has been nominated for many other national and local distinctions. She’s been featured on W Network, HGTV, BELL, and too many print publications to list. She’s a former CBC award-winning journalist, co-founder of Alternative Newspaper, here, and co-founder of Saint John’s only Artist-Run Centre, Third Space. She opened and co-owned New Brunswick’s first wine bar, Happinez, and designed the first New Brunswick Scotch bar, Hopscotch. Most recently TUCK completed the interiors for Tony’s Atelier & Boulangerie in Moncton and was featured on the cover of Maritime Edit hailed as Canada’s best new restaurant. Notwithstanding the above, in her view Judith’s biggest accomplishment is “getting up every day, heading to work with a team that I love, clients that I adore, in a city that I’m bonkers about.”

Judith shares her life with Robert Moore, a professor, artist and poet.

Heather Anderson

In 2016, I came to Tuck with a strong interest in furniture design and interior decorating; nearly eight years later, you could call me obsessed! I make it my mission to be a catalogue of information on the brands that we carry so that I can assist in finding the best options to suit your space and your lifestyle. Luckily, that’s what I love to do! When I’m not at the shop, you can find me playing board games, exploring our beautiful city and listening to my favourite podcasts.

Image made By Scott MunnImage made By Scott Munn


I'm Tuck's senior residential and commercial consultant with over a decade of experience. I'm drawn to minimalist design but am eager to adapt to our clients' style and taste.

After graduating from Algonquin College in 2014, I returned to beloved Saint John and joined Tuck, where my journey began. Life subsequently took me to live in Surrey, BC, for a few years, working part-time with Tuck. Now, having returned, I'm reminded every single day of how fortunate I am to call this beautiful province home, surrounded by nature, kind people, and charming cities, and I am back full time again with the Tuck team!

Decorating isn't just a job for me; it's my passion, my career. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of transforming spaces and experiencing our clients' joy!

Off the clock, you'll find me continually honing my skills and soaking up inspiration from the ever-evolving world of design. When I need to recharge, I head outdoors, where nature's beauty fuels my creativity.


Kate Driscoll

Growing up in Saint John, I always felt pulled to travel and experience other places around the world. Through the various adventures I’ve been on, I’ve developed a keen interest in architecture and design, and I can confidently say that I’ve never found any place that has held my heart quite like home.

I love getting insight into how people live, and how their personality and personal style tends to influence their space, which makes me thrilled to be joining the Tuck team!

In my off time I love going on a good hike, writing, and catching up with people I love over craft beer.


Nina Minkova

New to Saint John, I moved here from Ukraine with my family.  My love for design has been a constant throughout my life, whether it's designing web stores, searching for vintage furniture, or working on DIY projects.
Despite being new to the area, I have quickly found a sense of belonging within the community, thanks to the warm welcome received from Judith, the team, and the people I've met in Saint John. I feel right at home and am eager to become an active member of this unique and vibrant community.
As someone who values creativity and aesthetics, I’m always on the lookout for new design inspirations and enjoy exploring different styles and techniques.
I’m excited to see what the future holds and am looking forward to contributing my skills and talents to this wonderful city.
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JENn Delong

"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."

I am a born and raised Saint Johner and I am new to Tuck! When not working I enjoy travelling, propagating succulents, and spending time with family, friends and my sweet Frenchie, Sadie.

Just like a great pair of shoes and a designer bag can can make an outfit pop and lift your mood, I love how the power of a well designed and decorated room can change the way you feel while you are in that space.

I'm excited to get to know our clients and share my new knowledge about our services, products and interior decorating.



Hi, I'm Olivia! I'm working as an intern and Judith's assistant at Tuck this summer.

In first grade, I moved to Saint John from Seoul, South Korea. Seeing the architectural differences between the two countries at a young age, I realized how much design can affect our lifestyles. From then on, I've always been interested in architecture and design.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to join the Tuck team, as I'm sure it will be an invaluable experience when I study architecture in the fall.