From the day we decided to work with Judith and the TUCK team, we knew we'd found our dream partners. Instead of a cookie-cutter experience, they spent time genuinely getting to know us, helping us to sharpen our own vision. TUCK was able to take the loose yarns of our ideas and weave them into practical, stylish concepts that felt uniquely our own. Their process was comprehensive and holistic, taking care of everything from colour palettes to computer models, sourcing and purchasing of furniture, chandeliers, and designer wallpaper. After the restaurant took off, we're still in touch with Judith and the TUCK team, and count them as collaborators and friends.

Atelier Tony's | Tony's Boulangerie

Judith and the TUCK team are so passionate, so creative and so inspiring to work with! They not only create gorgeous spaces, they make every step of the consultation process stress-free and fun. We went from feeling overwhelmed as we redesigned our living space, to loving every minute of it. What Judith can pack into a one-hour session will blow your mind. We can't wait to work with them again!

Hannah Fitch Bernard
We are thrilled that we found Judith and engaged her services. She has been a godsend and as a result Catherine and I have come to agreement on everything you have suggested for our home thus far.  

We still can’t believe this is the same space! We are forever grateful to Judith and the Tuck team for transforming a blank canvas and empty house into our forever home! After spending time and getting to know us well during the consultation process, we throughly enjoyed the collaborative efforts from design selection to implementation of the creative details, making this space our own. Looking forward to our next project together. 

We hired Judith and her team, to help us with the renovation of our cottage and design suggestions for a guest cottage we were building. From the moment of initial contact with Judith, she was responsive and made us feel very comfortable with her approach. Judith is extremely passionate and talented and delivers inspiring results. Not only did our project result in warm and comfortable spaces, Judith went well beyond the typical designers scope of work, by making very practical recommendations during the construction phase. This resulted in a more efficient and beautiful space. Judith meets all the requirements of being an expert in her field. Great designs, wonderful products, expertise, exceptional customer service during and after the sale and a competent team to execute on the plan. We love our space and look forward to working with Judith again.

Hardly a day goes by without our appreciating the timeless elegance you created, The rich materials you sourced and the small touches you added. All of this combined into a stunning result that gives us pure joy and occasionally evokes soft gasps from our guests who experience this lovely space for the first time.

Sophie Boucher
A real great selection of furniture and decor items all laid out in a spectacular space ... and the staff is super friendly. Ask for Ellen ... she's very helpful and very pleasant.
Thomas Saulnier
Every time we visit Tuck (or purchase something online) we get incredible customer service and advice. We did a virtual home design consult that was far more productive and valuable than I could have imagined. Beyond satisfied, and such a fan of the Tuck team.
Tracy + Rory Bell
It was easy and a lot of fun to work with Judith and her team. We immediately felt comfortable with her. Judith is extremely creative and has great ideas, without imposing them. It is very impressive what she can do in a few hours. She listened to us and immediately understood our style. 
Tuck studio, a paradise for home owners. We look forward to continuing to renovate and improve our home with Judith and her team. Thank you so much! 
Emilie Arsenault | Justin Charron

Judith did a virtual consult for us about ways we could improve the flow of traffic into our home, and how we could better maximize our kitchen space. Within minutes she came up with a plan that literally will solve all our problems. She offered layout and design advice I had never before considered that will make a significant difference in our home. She gave us an action plan for things we could change immediately that would create a better functioning space for us and also offered us advice on what we could do down the road when time and budget permits. I honestly wish I had done this with her when we moved in! I was blown away by the experience, she is truly gifted at what she does.

She had an innate sense of what would serve our family and gave us the direction we needed to move forward in our home redesign. We felt really frustrated with aspects of our home before, and we weren't sure they could be improved. Now we feel inspired and excited about putting her plans into action. This service is a bargain at twice the price, I wish I had done it sooner.
Ingrid Munroe
We can't say enough about the great customer service, friendliness, patience and professional, honest advice we've had over the last 2 years. Judith and her team have helped us with many decisions and we are very happy with the outcome and with our purchases! Thank you Tuck Studio for being awesome!
Patti Doyle
Great local products that have a nice modern style, staff was very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to the store and even the city & it's history!
Marc LeBlanc

I’m so happy that Tuck is open to the public again - it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the design tips, the before and after, the product pairings - well everything that came in the emails and Instagram. I really enjoyed them.

Tuck - the store to me is inspiring in itself. It confirmation that it’s ok to dream big - to go beyond your comfort zones - and find new comfort zones. Stepping through the door is all ways an exciting adventure.

You out did yourselves with a new spring look! So many lovely colours, new pillows, pots, and new furniture tastefully arranged - lots of “Wow! So pretty!” moments - yet practical so that one can imagine living with it.

I went in to pick up more black and white striped ticking placemats - forgot them, remembered a flower pot, picked up marble coasters for a steal and some beautiful, enormously pleasing wooden coffee measuring spoons - more importantly I enjoyed my visit to the place where dreams become reality. A lovely break from isolationism.

Thank you so much!
Jennifer Dobson

Love the support of "made in Canada" and local products! The staff is the absolute best - great listeners, super helpful, and very knowledgeable about all of the beautiful products. No visit to Saint John is complete without dreamily wondering through this gem of a store (and wanting to buy literally everything). 🙂

Kaitlyn Lacelle

Our experience with Judith was wonderful! Judith is a very talented designer, decorator. She turned our space into a warm, airy and beautiful area, that we just love more and more! Judith was wonderful to work with and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! We look forward to working with her again and would recommend to all! A delightful experience working with Judith!

My home consult with Judith was SO Amazing! She hit the mark on exactly what I was looking to get from this consult - Giving me valuable tips, ideas and inspiration in each room I wanted to target. We also covered a lot more ground than I expected and I am truly grateful for all the insight I gained from this session (both real/ actionable changes and high-level visioning for future projects). I can't wait to get started on all her suggestions and will definitely be working with Judith again!!

Julie Diamond

Judith worked with my spouse and me to completely re-imagine and re-design our home living space. From furniture and fixture selection to paint colours and hardware Judith transformed our Victorian-era home into the most enjoyable space in the world to spend time, relax, work or entertain.

The first time we set foot in Judith’s own home we knew we wanted our own home to have the same impact on others that Judith’s had on us. Judith was able to give us just that, while still keeping our house true to us. She showed us where to spend and where to save in order to get the most out of our renovation. But of all the money we spent Judith was by far the best investment of all. We can’t wait to have her touch on the rest of our home.”

Thandi Restaurant had the opportunity to work with Judith Mackin of Tuck Interiors on our bar renovation. Judith incorporated the existing elements creating a warm classy cosmopolitan atmosphere. Judith researched Ken’s Punjabi roots thus the name; the Santara which means orange in Punjabi. Judith added beautiful orange fixtures ,copper accents, bamboo counters, enhancing the beauty of this historic building. It was a privilege to work Judith on this project . Saint John is a better place because of the talented individuals like Judith Mackin.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Judith and her team. We put our faith in Judith and we believe the redesign turned out beautifully. She did an incredible job of blending the history of the inn with a contemporary new design. We are thrilled with the results and most importantly our sales have increased significantly. We highly recommend Judith to anyone looking for assistance in interior design and marketing.

I gave myself a birthday gift. A home visit with Judith Mackin. Well it was worth every penny. No sales pitches, only good advise and sound suggestions. I am more then satisfied with a one hour visit. I had all my questions (prepared) answered and personal follow up. Would I recommend Tuck Studio? 👍👍 two thumbs up. I also dealt with Ellen who was wonderful to deal with.

Mary Lou Brittain