About this project

Welcome to the  stunning, heritage home of the Anderton/Roe family! Although we’ve worked on the entire home, this portfolio features their dining room only.

This home -- built in the 1850's and beautifully maintained -- was purchased as a second home.  Our clients essentially wanted to start with a blank slate, decorating-wise, even while working to preserve the home's historic charm. They wanted a fresh colour palette and weren't afraid of bold accents!

Here’s what Judith recommended:
1. With such high ceilings and abundant natural light, she opted to go with dark walls, offset by a white ceiling and crown mouldings.  Tip:  Where a pendant light is featured on a high ceiling, purchase a medallion to add elegance and paint it the same colour as the ceiling.  On the topic of lights:  Judith paired the sconces and chandelier from the same collection, while adding flair pendants above the liquor cabinet.
2. She chose heirloom furnishings without bringing too many different finishes into the space:  black oak for the dining table, liquor cupboard and bench, and walnut for the lounge chairs and occasional table.
3. Judith resisted the traditional fireplace ‘set up’.  Rather than choosing a mirror to go above the mantel she placed a large floor mirror to the side to add drama, reflect the light and add a 'period' accent.
4. To bring pattern and a sense of casual whimsy, Judith chose two different wallpapers to highlight two distinct areas within the same room.  The striped paper is a classic.  But, for the fireplace, she chose a pattern reminiscent of ancient tapestries and a great fit with the stone fireplace.
5.  Finally, comfortable dining seats and a large, wool rug tie this room together with solid, timeless materials.    Tip:  Judith chose the chairs first as the client wanted colour.Looking to book a consultation with the Tuck Team? Click the link below.

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