Tuck: The Story Behind

Inspired by the summer camp tuck shop. Every morning we’d line up, waiting for it to open its doors. Once inside, dollar bill or mess of loose change clutched in our hot little hands, we’d agonize over the day’s selection of treats, novelties and minor treasures. Today, Tuck, our store located at 122 Prince William Street in the heart of Saint John, features the finest in affordable furniture and decor by some of the world most respected manufacturers – our grown up version of those first and formative ‘tuck’ canteen experiences.

Tuck: Our Amazing Team

Whether it’s finding the perfect sofa, light, vase or cushion in our downtown store or providing you with a room makeover or complete renovation, Tuck, our store or Tuck Interiors are committed to helping you re-imagine your space!

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Recent Posts

  • Today is the last day to save between 10% - 20% off all EQ3 furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories at Tuck! Stop by to see what's included in the sale and take advantage of the Buy More, Save More event. Save 10% off all EQ3, 15% off $2500 or more, and 20% off $4000 or more. ...

  • Furniture Tuck Studio

    Last week we shared some quick tips to totally transform your kitchen so this week we're sharing how to update another popular room in your home, the Living Room! Otherwise known as the great room, rumpus room, family room, sitting room, or the room with the TV in it! Whatever you call it, it's usually the room in your home where you go to kick back, relax, and unwind. Living rooms see their fair share of abuse and can become dated and tired over time. We'd like to share some suggestions and tips to help you rejuvenate your living room and make it into a space you're happy to be in and proud to show off! ...

  • Happy Valentines Day! Looking for a gift for your Valentine? We have plenty in stock at Tuck! Here are nine gift suggestions plus some products to treat yourself. Including bed linens, scented candles, and a handy bath caddy. Whether you're celebrating with a partner, spending some time with friends or family, or enjoying a bit of you time, Tuck has you covered! ...

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