About this project

One of our earliest interior clients, Sean & Carrie McGrath, were such a pleasure to work with. We took their love for colour, music and creativity to a fun new level with the built-in media unit, a Julianna Theory graphic, and owner Carrie’s own DIY lights. Check out the custom Victorian Skull wallpaper!

Their review

The first time we set foot in Judith’s own home we knew we wanted our own home to have the same impact on others that Judith’s had on us. Judith was able to give us just that, while still keeping our house true to us. She showed us where to spend and where to save in order to get the most out of our renovation. But of all the money we spent Judith was by far the best investment of all. We can’t wait to have her touch on the rest of our home.
Sean & Carrie McGrath

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