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Meet the Cooney/Elvin family!

Steve, Kathleen, their two children and pup, Axel relocated from TO in August last year. While they liked their new home, they were convinced that they needed to completely renovate it from top-to-bottom. During their consult, Judith assured them that with some cosmetic changes, new furnishings & decor, they could cut out 90% of renovating and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Although we overhauled their entire main floor, today's reveal features the transformation of their living room!

Here are the five changes that Judith made to transform this space:

1.     Initially, the clients thought they would need to install new built-ins. However, Judith suggested something less predictable and more creative - a gorgeous wallpaper that stretches across the feature wall, layered with beautiful hand-made solid mahogany shelves on top, adorned with thoughtful decor. Tip:  Bring the wallpaper across horizontally, eliminating the tall 'tower' look in the centre of the room and allowing the feature wall to be balanced.

2.     Judith kept the colour palette to greens, blacks, and natural elements while sprinkling touches of gold throughout. To create a cohesive look, it's important to be bold in your main furniture choices and keep the rest of the palette fairly neutral. This also provides room for a lovely pattern, such as wallpaper!

3.     Instead of filling all the lower built-ins with books and knick-knacks that can make a space look cluttered, Judith got creative and raided Steve's woodpile in the backyard. She filled one half with wood and the other half with faux greenery to keep everything balanced and give an organic feel.

4.     Original art is always a must! In this room, we chose Christiana Myer's black & white silkscreens, which complemented the room's William Morris-esque bold wallpaper.

5.     Kathleen and Steve are a lively and energetic couple who enjoy having friends over and sharing a drink or two. To keep the party going, we suggested a small bar set up in their living room! Tip: Try to keep unsightly bottles and brightly colored labels out of sight to maintain a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.  Cheers!

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