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2023 Holiday Lookbook

We are thrilled to present our most ambitious Holiday Lookbook to date. Located in Tuck's Loft just upstairs from our Tuck Shop at 115 Prince William Street, this season's Lookbook is full of holiday inspiration. It's brimming with decorating tips, gift ideas, holiday shopping, local collaborations, original artwork, and so much more.

We invite you to grab a coffee, glass of wine and immerse yourself in our 150+ carefully curated pages, where we've poured not only our expertise and imagination but, most importantly, our love! We hope you thoroughly enjoy this visual journey we've crafted for your viewing pleasure. "It's a love-letter to Uptown Saint John!", says Judith Mackin, the editor and curator of this year's Lookbook!

2021 Holiday Lookbook

In 2021 holiday season, we published our fourth Lookbook, and was vastly different from the previous three we had published over the years. After spending almost every weekend for 18 months during Covid at our cottage -- situated on the Kingston Peninsula, a historic gem, built by the Loyalists in 1802 -- we thought it would make the perfect backdrop for our 2021 issue. Through the lens of Kelly Lawson and weighing in at 130+ pages, we welcome you to Judith’s cottage featuring all the rooms, nooks & crannies enlivened by a holiday theme “Embrace Winter Wonder”. Our 2021 Lookbook is linked directly to our online shop so you have the joy of shopping from your own home! Enjoy!

2019 Holiday Lookbook

This, our third Lookbook, is all about trying our best to capture the unique spirit of our store via photographic ‘vignettes’ of 122 Prince William Street, a historic gem built in 1878, the year after the Great Fire. Through the lens of Kelly Lawson, we hope to foster what is most distinctive about local, uptown shopping; that is, a location where you get lovely packaging, where the store staff know you by name and deeply appreciate the fact that you are supporting local. So, grab a coffee or a glass of wine and, after perusing these pages, grab your coat, your family, your friends, your pets and head out to visit us on Prince William Street.

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2018 Holiday Lookbook

Happily, over years our clients and community have supported our love and enthusiasm for the ‘in person, in store retail experience’. Given the onslaught of online shopping and the growth of retail giants, we at TUCK, along with every other small business, have to find creative ways to drive traffic through our doors. Happily for us, you have shown by your repeat visits and purchases that you share our confidence in the value of a welcoming small-retail experience. This year's Lookbook takes you through Tuck when it was located at 122 Prince William Street, the historic Palatine building. We hope you enjoy!

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