As you may recall, two years ago we presented SAINT soaps for lovers of 'all things Saint John'!   This holiday season we're proud to add a new product to our collection, SAINT candles!  Infused with the same scent and arriving under the same branding as the soap, this year's addition to the SAINT collection will help all Johners, both near and far, light up their holiday season.  Like the SAINT soaps (which sold out quickly) this year's candles are a limited edition.

Rugged Beauty: This candle is a completely local product, from its rich and novel ingredient blend, to its artwork, its design, its packaging. It was born out of our desire to honour the distinctive charm and character of Saint John, the city we love so much.

"When I saw the painting we’re using for the branding of this candle — one of Robert Moore’s ‘Ophelia’ series — it struck me that it perfectly captured the spirit of strength, mystery and hard-won integrity I so much associate with this city by the sea." – Judith Mackin

The Candle: Each of the products in this candle are hand crafted in small batches using ten ingredients or less and zero preservatives. The ingredients are carefully selected and fair-trade, plant based, and locally sourced whenever possible.

Scent:  Tobacco & Bay Leaf

Ingredients:  Glycine max (Soya) Wax, Paraben and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil, Liquid Candle Dye

Size:  5 oz.   2.6 " x 1.65"

The Artist: Robert Moore teaches English at the University of New Brunswick. He began his formal life in the arts as an actor, then he wrote some plays, then he directed a bunch of plays, then he wrote some poetry, then he took up painting. Currently, his favourite quote about painting is from John Singer Sargent: “A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.”

Special thanks to Lise Hansen for packaging design and to Kelly Lawson for the photography.

SAINT Candles are limited edition and exclusive to Tuck Studio.  These candles come in their own special branded SAINT bag /black + white pin-stripped tissue,  a SAINT tag and a small gold-leaf print of Robert's Ophelia.  Additionally, once the candle is burned, the tin can be repurposed for keeping small treasures safe.

You can purchase these on line for in store pick up, or drop in anytime at the shop to see them in person!  Click on the link below and purchase online with our brand new online shop!


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