Live Life Awards 2011 – Its a Wrap!

Saint John boasts a vigorous and vibrant urban core, and on June 9th, 2011 the best of the best of the individuals and organizations that have contributed most to making it this way were honoured.

Uptown Saint John was pleased to announce that punchinside would not only join Commercial Properties as a presenting sponsor, but would also take a lead role in ‘designing’ the awards evening. The event took place in the minimalist White Room, an architectural gem located on the second floor of 115 Prince William Street.

Judith Mackin, principle of punchinside, curated an evening of what she described as “fashion meets industrial design meets theatre.”  “We intend to transform this unique space into a visual feast of white, black, and metallic centered around a tableau vivant stage, featuring a dozen amateur models decked out in the best bling and fashion our uptown has to offer. I am so honoured to be given the opportunity to collaborate on this adventure with so much talent, including the photographers Kelly Lawson and Sean McGrath, make-up artist Carrie McGrath, hair-stylist Adam Donnelly, theatre director Robert Moore, and Scott Thomas who’ll be ‘acting’ as our Master of Ceremonies.  On Uptown Saint John’s behalf, I’m so proud of, and grateful, to the models and the uptown merchants who generously lent their time, energy and material to make these awards happen.”

In keeping with the evening’s design – and to complete the site-specific installation that was this year’s Live Life Awards – attendees and ticket holders were requested to arrive decked out in the evening’s requisite ‘glam’ colours: white, black, and metallic.

Photos: Sean McGrath



Photos: Kelly Lawson


To view additional awards photos from Kelly Lawson (& Sean McGrath) please click here. 

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