From Abstract to Concrete – Part 3 in IAD (International Architecture and Design)

Last Friday the latest edition of Sotheby’s ‘International Architecture & Design” Magazine arrived in our mailbox, much to our delight. As many of you know, IAD is following the build of our house designed by our friends and architects, Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair of ACRE Architects (and built by Urban Farmer).  Suzanne Robichaud, a writer from Halifax, has visited us, interviewed us, and is keeping close track of our progress as we go.  This particular issue is Part 3 of the build in progress.

To learn more about ‘into the wild’ please click here.

We are so pleased to have our build featured in such a prestigious magazine, not only for the great coverage (much deserved) for our architects, but for our city of Saint John in general.

Below are the JPG’s of the magazine article.  You can click n the image to increase the size of the JPG for easier reading.  Better yet, pick up a copy at the local magazine store!

As always, if any of you are interested in taking a tour of the house | property, we’d be delighted to show you around.


Above: This is the future location of TUCK Studio.

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