Three years ago, almost to the day, we opened TUCK STUDIO.



Three years ago, almost to the day, we opened TUCK STUDIO. Looking back, as a business model, as an idea on paper, it really shouldn’t have worked. First, there’s the matter of our location. Although we’re literally two minutes off the main highway, it quickly became evident that finding us would prove tricky at best for both deliveries and potential customers. Because our house/studio was built on undeveloped land, it took about two years for even google maps to figure out where we were. And then there was the matter of winter, and the fact that between December and April our driveway more often resembled a professional luge run than an reasonable avenue of access!

So there we were opening the doors in the fall of 2012 to a business that could never rely upon walk-in traffic.  If you seen the plan on paper, you’d probably have echoed the sentiments of one friend who said, his tone an admixture of pity and disbelief, “You’re going to sell furniture out of your basement in the North End?!”

However, having lived in this place my entire life, I knew one thing for certain about Saint John and its surrounding communities: they’re incredibly supportive of new initiatives, especially those businesses determined to serve markets that don’t really yet exist.I’m not suggesting in any way that interior design studios or furniture stores weren’t around before TUCK.   My point, rather, is that, in our view, a certain dimension of that market wasn’t yet being served: a place for design-driven consumers who care deeply about meaningful design. And with the advent of the internet and the shopping alternatives it brought with it – specifically, instant access to international design – we were confident that our passion for purposeful interiors would be shared by clients who appreciate service, who understand the value of quality. In short, we knew that if we followed our through line – that is, continued to travel, research and make available the best of international collections in TUCK — like-minded, card-carrying designophiles would join in the adventure: help establish a studio where all your interior needs could be realized in one location!

And join in you did.

As we reflect on the last three years of TUCK’s success, it really all comes down to one thing: the loyalty and support of our customers; all the ‘Tuck-istas’ who make the sometimes-challenging trek up the driveway, who share our posts, who send us pics of their new vase, sofa, or entire living room makeovers! It’s down to you who could order on line, or go to Moncton or Fredericton, but chose to support local. It’s you who bring someone new with you each time you come, who bring your pets, your children, your families, your guests, your co-workers, who show up faithfully for our events, who think of us for your wedding, shower, gifts, Christmas and office gifts, who send us links to lines you’d like to see in the studio, who afford us the honour and privilege of inviting us into your homes and businesses, who trust us to reimagine your spaces. You who sign up for our newsletters and who follow us on all Social Media channels. In sum, it’s down to you who have claimed Tuck as your own personal design studio.

It’s to you that we owe our most sincere appreciation.
Happy Three Year Anniversary to you, our true and faithful Tuck community!

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