This powder room goes from lime green to metallic sheen!

Steve and Kathleen, our clients, purchased a split-level home in Rothesay last August. Like much of the house, there were many aspects of the home that didn't fit their taste, with the powder room being at the top of that list! The lime green walls and the brown tile clashed with their vision.

Initially, they thought they'd have to gut the shower and the floor, removing all the tile, to fix the room.  But, I wanted to offer a different, creative solution.

I love a good challenge like this! After discussing with them, I proposed that we make a few changes to the shell of the room, such as the walls, ceiling, and trim. Additionally, we could switch out the vanity, mirror, and lights. Steve and Kathleen were thrilled to be able to keep the tile, and we moved forward with the project.

I envisioned a moody, boutique hotel vibe to create the antithesis of the existing lime green space. Since the powder room would be mainly used for guests and parties, it was essential to create an atmosphere that would leave a lasting impression.

Rather than gutting the entire room, I recommended five simple changes to achieve a boutique hotel-like powder room:

  1. Paint all trim, ceiling, and doors black.
  2. Choose a dramatic, moody wallpaper and cover all walls (no feature wall).
  3. Add an antique-looking mirror to keep the moodiness going, particularly for evening guests.
  4. Splurge on a black toilet!
  5. Choose a vintage-like sconce with some 'sparkly' shades (and put it on a dimmer).

The result is stunning! The existing brown tile looks like a deliberate choice and is understated next to the glorious wallpaper. The moodiness of the room is balanced and sophisticated, making it the perfect spot for guests to freshen up.

If you're interested in any of the products you see, including this gorgeous Cole & Son Boscobel wallpaper, Aged wall mirror, and Irene triple wall sconce, they are all available to purchase through Tuck. We also offer many other beautiful decorative options for your powder room and entire home.

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