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Almost a year ago Peggy Bown walked into my studio and I knew immediately that she was a force to be reckoned with:  beautiful, confident, energetic and, most importantly, real. Plus, she had the most beautiful teeth I’d ever seen.
As we were chatting in the studio, she told me that she wasn’t happy with the current state of her kitchen and living room and asked if I could give her some advice.
Visiting with her in her home, I discovered she was a dentist, which explained the perfect teeth.  I smiled my then-crooked smile and suggested we give each other a mini-makeover: I’d do a cosmetic makeover on her kitchen/living room and she’d makeover my dubiously-arranged front teeth.


Although the kitchen had great bones and layout it was cluttered and somewhat busy. The island light left little to be desired and the furnishings, dated.

Sadly, the ‘before’ pics of Peggy’s living room have gone missing, so we can only share the ‘after’ portion of her home’s makeover.
A big thank you to Kelly Lawson for the AFTER Photography in this post.



We recommended that Peggy paint her walls exactly the same colour as her existing trim. This allows the eye to rest more comfortably on the overall layout of the kitchen.  We then switched out all her stools and seating for Gus* Modern Graph Stools (Coal) and the Graph Chairs also by Gus* Modern.  Because her two daughters are at an age where they like easy access to and from the table and into the back yard pool, Peggy chose a table with a bench.  Included in the space is a Gus* Modern Pawn Stool so that the girls can sit at the computer. (Stools, chairs through Tuck Studio.)


Another major design element involved switching out her dining table and island lighting. Featured in this picture is the Brothers Dressler Branches Chandelier in Walnut (Available through Tuck Studio.)



Over the kitchen island we designed a special pendant installation also through Brothers Dressler and Tuck Studio.


You can see past the dining room table into Peggy’s living space.


We continued to carry the paint colour through into her living room and removed the existing curtain valances.  We also removed the large piece of work over her fireplace which, although it was lovely, tended to dominate the space.  We suggested that Peggy put some black and white photography of her own (taken in Newfoundland, from which she hails) over the fireplace and then we painted the main wall a darker charcoal colour.  We added a new piece of Suzanne Hill’s art to the other wall. We kept Peggy’s original sofa and chair and added a new Gus* Modern Spencer Chair (Totem Pebble Fabric) and a new low, oversized marble coffee table by 18Karat, low to the ground so that the girls can play there within easy reach of all seating.  Normann Copenhagen Brick Cushion was added to the mix. (All available through TUCK Studio.)

best pic of Peggy

And here is Peggy Bown relaxed and happy in her new makeover.


I’ve had crooked teeth all my life.  The idea of having braces seemed so long term to me and for most of my life I couldn’t afford them anyway!  Then Peggy introduced me to the world of ‘Veneers’…


Inspired by my many clients who’ve had the courage to show their ‘before’ shots of their house, I now present what nature gave me.
unnamed-2 unnamed-3

Peggy noted that I had quite severe overcrowding on both my upper and lower front teeth, uneven gums, wear and chipping, and a host of other issues, including a deep overbite!
Peggy made several recommendations, among them teeth whitening, restoring lower front teeth, and reconturing gingival architecture, but the most exciting thing to me was the four veneers she would fabricate for the front teeth.
In only four visits Peggy literally transformed my teeth!

unnamed-4 unnamed-5

Shot for RAGE

I encourage anyone who isn’t happy with their teeth to get in contact with Peggy Bown.  She’s a miracle worker!
Having exchanged makeovers, Peggy and I are starting a MAJOR MAKEOVER TOGETHER!  What is it?  Well….
Peggy has purchased an empty commercial building on Rothesay Avenue (the former home of Harvey’s) which will soon be transformed into PEGGY BOWN DENTISTRY.


We are delighted to be working with Peggy and her team, in the capacity of interior design, exterior design and branding for her new practice.
Follow along for updates as we go.
In the meantime I encourage you to visit Peggy Bown at her temporary location, through the Brittain Dental office on Rothesay Avenue while her brand new Dental Office is under renovation!  634-6000.  (Check out Peggy’s site:
Follow her on Facebook by clicking here.


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