The TUCK Team’s Favourite New Arrivals!


A New Year means it is time for some new inspiration at TUCK! We're always eager to jump at any opportunity to change things up and think outside of the box when it comes to decor and design. This season, we wanted to kick off the year with an injection of rich, vibrant colours, elements of whimsy, and a sense of lushness!

Between our brand new selection of detailed cushions, mugs, faux greenery and more, we've had a hard time choosing what we're most excited about! Nonetheless, our team has decided to take a shot at narrowing down each of our top picks! We're so excited to share them with you, and we look forward to hearing what some of YOUR personal favourites are!

Judith's Top Pick!

IMG_7399 (1)

Alphie & Ollie Kitchen Towels - Tuck's new kitchen towels, sourced from the charming Alphie & Ollie (more on this endearing company name shortly), effortlessly tick all the boxes for me: featuring illustrated wildlife, vibrant colors, and classic black and white checks!

The creative artwork gracing these towels is courtesy of the talented artist and entrepreneur, Eric Fausnacht, who resides and works on his farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Eric's studio is situated on his rural Buck's County farm, where he tends to his chickens and goats—Alphie and Ollie being two of his beloved goats. While the goats themselves may not make a cameo on these flour sack cotton tea towels, my heart is captivated by the charming depictions of raccoons, foxes, partridges, and pheasants!

Each towel measures 18 x 24 inches and is priced at $18 apiece. You're welcome!

Heather's Top Pick!

Heather Headshot

Gus* Munro Media Stand - I've been a fan of the Munro Collection from Gus* Modern since they released the Vitrine and Bedroom Storage pieces a couple of years. Gus* has now expanded the collection to include this gorgeous Media Stand and also a Credenza! 

I love the flexibility of this piece because it would work as a tv console, record player stand, or simply to hold and display your treasures. It is available in Oak and Walnut, both with a matte finish that highlights the gorgeous grain of the wood. The fluted glass doors are super stylish, but the best part is that they disguise any clutter hidden within. Because, let's be honest, no one wants to see your cords or old DVD collection!   

Nina's Top Pick!

Nina Headshot

Classic Matte Espresso CupsDanica Burrow Midi Mug - Can I choose two mugs because they're too hard to pick between? I was in a serious dilemma because we just received so many adorable mugs! Coffee is basically my love language so, obviously, I needed one for espresso (my personal favourite option is the Ochre colour), and another for my latte - not too big, not too small, just perfect and cute!

Kate's Top Pick!

Kate Headshot

Yapatkwa Tapestry CushionsI love the intricate tapestry detail on each one of these new cushions! The fact that the patterns are inspired by the iconic textile designer, William Morris, is an added moment of intrigue for me. I had already fallen in love with some of the House of Hackney wallpaper prints we've displayed in the store that are based off of his original works as well. The lushness and uniqueness of each pattern make them perfect and functional little works of art to display on my sofa!

Jenn's Top Pick!

Jenn Headshot

Dotted Pedestal Planters - As the plant caretaker at Tuck, I have a special appreciation for quality planters, and the dotted pedestal planter is a new personal favourite. I love the neutral tones, the pedestal base, and the fact that it’s available in two sizes. It’s the perfect choice to effortlessly elevate your plant game!

Josh's Top Pick!

Josh Headshot

Assorted Faux Plants & Botanicals - I'm a bit plant obsessed! I have countless plants in my home and love how they liven up a room and feel very strongly about having greenery in every room in the house, especially during the grey days of winter. It's energizing, organic, and one of the best things you can use to decorate. That said, I know many people can't have real plants for a number of reasons whether they have a pet that will eat the plants and get sick, they don't have time to care for them, or they've tried many times to keep a houseplant alive only to watch it die. 

Which leads me to some of my favourite newly stocked products at Tuck, our collection of faux plants and botanicals! These will never die, require no maintenance, and look just like the real thing! 
We have many varieties of faux plants and botanicals from Eucalyptus Parvifolia Stems to Monstera Leaf Plants to artificial Hydrangea Flowers

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