Tuck’s top 5 reasons to buy Loloi’s new Hertitage Rug Collection!

  1. Unbeatable Pricing - This vintage charm collection comes at a ridiculously affordable price point!
  2. Authenticity Guaranteed - From finely-shaven piles to side saddle stitching, every detail exudes the classic hand-woven, well-worn look of vintage rugs. No 'printed' patterns here!
  3. Size Variety Galore - With an impressive 18 sizes to choose from, including square-shaped rugs, the Heritage Collection by Loloi caters to every space, starting at 2'x3' up to 15'x15'.
  4. Free Shipping Across Canada - Order through Tuck online, and we'll deliver your rug straight to your doorstep anywhere in Canada, free of charge!
  5. Limited-Time Sale - Until February 20th, seize the opportunity to enjoy a 20% discount on the entire Heritage Collection!

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