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Whether you commute to work or you work from home, creating a workspace that accommodates your personal needs is the foundation of productive work flow. Take a look around your work environment and ask yourself: Do you feel good in the space around you, or are you merely tolerating it? It can sometimes be hard to put aside enough time to organize your office but planning your office space doesn’t have to consume a great deal of your schedule. For most of us, simple and practical are the watchwords of an ideal work environment; disorder is a common source of negative energy.

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With that principle in mind, we have assembled a collection of elements guaranteed to improve your work space.  It’s all in stock, all available at TUCK STUDIO!

EQ3 Kick

One of the key concerns in your office is your work surface. This is where you create, store, or file so it is essential that your desk facilitates work. The EQ3 Kick Desk ($799) features additional storage hidden beneath two lift flaps that maintain a uniform surface. These built-in storage compartments are also ideal for any cords that may get in your way while working. The Kick Desk proves that a desk can be both beautiful and practical.


The Areaware Concrete Desk Set ($95) simplifies necessary storage while improving the look and feel of your office. This set consists of a pencil holder, tape dispenser, and small tray – which is a ‘must have’ for managing the mess of pencils, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc. that tend to congest the inside of our desk drawers. Since this set is cast from solid concrete, it’s simplicity effortlessly complements any office.

U:S Brick Lamp

Choosing the right lighting for an office is just as important as choosing the right furniture. During the day, natural light of course is the best solution to lighting up any space.  However, not all of us are blessed with an office with windows. The Umbra Shift Brick Lamp ($220) is an adjustable LED light source that functions as a stylish accent for your desk or shelf.

Thompson Chair

Chances are that your desk chair is where you are going to be spending the most time, which means that it has to be physically supportive and comfortable. Gus* Modern has created a chair that fits this description, um, like a glove. The Gus* Modern Thompson Chair ($275) is an elegant addition to the workspace; its sleek structure and ergonomically-sophisticated upholstered cushions will offer you years of the support you so richly deserve.


Time management is the key to getting things done. Keep time with the Perftime Wall Clock ($50) from Umbra! What better way to pass the time than with this copper and steel clock, especially when paired with Umbra’s Trigg Wall Decor adds a touch of green into your office space!


The right rug into your environment can deliver a terrific amount of comfort and cozy.  The key, depending on your space, is not to add a lot of pattern that may interfere with the flow of your office’s optics. The 5′ x 8′ EQ3 Ori Rug ($299) is made from 100% hand-woven wool. The natural colours of this rug make it a warm addition to any office space.

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