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We were very happy to work with long time client Jeff Roach and his business partner Glen Hicks on their most recent business venture, Ustation. A proudly curated shared space with a variety of independent and small group work areas, personal amenities, and beautiful things to look at, just like the grand Union Stations of our past.

The space selected to be the first Ustation in Canada is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from Tuck Studio on Prince William Street. We knew straight away that Ustation would be a go-to destination for working professionals throughout the city, and we are so thankful to be a part of the space’s transformation.

Their review

This woman is world-class! The most visually imaginative, aggressive, caring, warm, blunt, direct, driven, and confident entrepreneur I've known. I have hired Judith and I have worked with and for her and she is professional, meticulous, and thoroughly human in everything she does. She is the ingredient that would make me say yes to any project she is involved in. She is my friend and one of the people that makes me love our city. Hire Judith Mackin (if she's available)
Jeff Roach

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