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I’m just going to get right to the point because, well, there’s probably really nothing new that I’m able to share with you about Kelly Lawson, ELLA and Ella – The Shop – that you likely don’t already know, such as owner Kelly Lawson rocks the social media scene, the entrepreneur scene, the photography scene and pretty much redefines terms ‘supporting local’ on every level. It should be noted that, aside from my husband and co-workers, I spend more time with Kelly than anyone else. She makes me laugh till my gut hurts, she’s smart as a whip, her energy is boundless, and she’s a fierce entrepreneur.

Having Kelly open her business across the street from us here at TUCK on Prince William was not only a gift to me to have my friend so close, but a gift to Uptown retail culture. The design of Kelly’s store is a collaboration between us and the results are seen in the photos below. View the full before and after here. View all before and afters here.

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