Dubbed The Best New Restaurant In Canada! by Edit Magazine


The interior of Atelier Tony is a refreshing take on a French bistro. Designer Judith Mackin, owner of Saint John's Tuck Studio, met with the family individually and together to better understand what inspired them. She was then given full artistic license to develop the initial concept.

“They said, 'We would like a French restaurant,'” says Mackin. “That was pretty much the only direction we received from them! As directions go, that might sound straightforward, but their new location, although promising, was basically a modern glass-and-concrete shell; it didn't inspire visions of a quaint French bistro! I understood we had to bring the warmth and relaxed vibe of the many restaurants, cafés and bistros I'd visited in France, and I knew we'd have our work cut out for us. We began by spraying the ceilings a warm grey, then moved to installing ceiling lights at a lower height, adding curved wood walls, floral wallpaper, artisan tiles, warm fabrics, plants and fireplaces. Now that it's up and running, by all accounts, the Holdens have an atelier and boulangerie worthy of their chic, authentic pastries and Parisian-inspired menu.”

“When Judith showed us what she and her team came up with, we were blown away,” says Jordan Holden. “We didn't change a thing. Our customers are always telling us that they feel like they are in Paris, Quebec City or Montreal.”