Local Art, The Perfect Gift.


In case we haven't made it obvious, there are few things we enjoy more than supporting local artists! We love featuring their work in our interiors, throughout Tuck, and leap at every opportunity to talk to anyone who will listen about the importance of investing in artwork and having artwork in your home.

Which is why when we're asked what would be the absolute perfect gift you could give someone, our answer is local art! It's personal, unique, and special.

Tuck's Artists

We proudly represent ten local artists at Tuck! You can shop their artwork through our online shop and in store at Tuck, 115 Prince William Street in Saint John, NB! Continue reading to learn more about the artists we represent at Tuck!


Ashley Anne Clark is a multi-disciplinary artist working with themes of wilderness, animal life and the raw elements of nature. Her mixed media drawings are created by blending natural materials such as seaweed and tree bark with hand painted images of wildlife.  By capturing a sense of emotion and personality in
each piece her work becomes relatable and provokes storytelling and appreciation for the untamed world.

Learn more about Ashley: Instagram: @_ashleyanneclark_



A White Nest was born from the creative collaboration of a mother and daughter, fueled by their passion for crafting. They began handweaving traditional-style tea towels and blankets in 2014, blending ancestral techniques with a fresh and modern aesthetic. Today, they thrive through online sales and retail partnerships, eagerly embracing the future.


After graduating from NSCAD in 1999, Chris's artistic pursuits expanded beyond painting. He's explored letter-writing, cup-collecting, sports, and politics. Since 2001, Chris has sent daily emails to the Canadian Prime Minister without a personal response. He's dabbled in photography, created art from Tim Horton coffee cups, performed as Everyday Goalie, made monoprints from manhole covers, and even ran against Justin Trudeau in 2015. Balancing multiple roles as a gallery technician, furniture maker, and handyman while being a single parent and social activist, Chris now finds himself back in his Montreal studio, painting once again.

Follow Chris on Instagram: @dearpm



Christiana Myers is a writer, educator, art history PhD student, and—whenever possible—artist, living in Menagoesg/Saint John. Her creative practice includes printmaking, installation, photography, curating, art writing, and creative writing. In whatever she is working on, she enjoys exploring, with care and curiosity, any combination of the natural environment, health and the body, and life and art in New Brunswick.

Christiana Myers IMG_3872


Duke is a Technology industry professional by day and a passionate woodworker in Saint John during his spare time. His fascination with bowl turning began in the late 80s, inspired by Maurice Gamblin's craftsmanship. As a member of the Saint John Tool Library, he now teaches courses and creates functional bowls meant to be cherished for generations.


Jessica Connors is a Nova Scotia-based artist working primarily in gouache, coloured
pencil, and ink. Inspired by vintage botanical illustrations, her mixed media paintings often feature wildlife and free-flowing floral motifs.

Follow Jessica on Instagram @jess.connors.art


Pamela Marie Pierce is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily in pen and ink, watercolour, and gouache. She considers every illustration a portrait, regardless of how seemingly azoic a subject may appear. She sees the world as a series of lines, and connects those ones she can.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Pamela currently works and lives in her favourite city: Saint John, New Brunswick.

She is self-taught.

Follow Pamela on Instagram @ptothemtothep



Robert Moore taught American literature and Literary Theory at the University of New Brunswick. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he began his formal life in the arts as an actor, then he wrote some plays, then he published some books of poetry, then he took up painting. His favourite quote about painting is from John Singer Sargent: “A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.”

Follow Robert on Instagram @robert_moore_artist 

Tuck Loft Barcart 8478


Ryan Livingstone, a native of New Brunswick, honed his craft skills at NBCCD before pursuing printmaking and painting at OCAD-University in Toronto, where he earned a BFA in 2010. Passionate about the creative process, Ryan considers himself a versatile artist, unconfined by any particular medium. His artwork eloquently expresses his East Coast roots and draws inspiration from both urban and rural landscapes. Often exploring themes of transience and impermanence, his work captures elements that may fade, crumble, collapse, or vanish within the landscape.

Follow Ryan on Instagram @ryanlivingstoneart

Ryan Livingstone Invasive Plant Red Common Reed


Suzanne Hill has exhibited her work extensively over the past forty years in regional, national and international group shows as well as notable solo exhibitions. Hill has
also worked tirelessly within the community for the advancement of the visual arts and has had a significant voice in the cultural affairs of the province. To that end, she has served on the provincial Cultural Policy Task Force and has been board member
of artsNB, the New Brunswick Museum, the New Brunswick Visual Art Education Association and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation.

Follow Suzanne on Instagram @suzannehillartist


Shop all our local artists online and in store to find that special piece, for yourself or as a gift!

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