Listen in to this week’s podcast with Tuck’s owner Judith Mackin in conversation with Kelly VanBuskirk and Mel Norton

I had the joy of speaking with long-time friends (and equally long-time legal counsel) Kelly VanBuskirk and Mel Norton from Lawson Creamer on their Legal Coaching Podcast (oddly enough – there’s little ‘law’ talk in it!) Grab a coffee and listen to me gush about my intense love for my team, our TUCK customers (you!)  and how I lost my virginity to Saint John, the most beautiful city I know! Thank you Mel and Kelly for the opportunity. – Judith Mackin



The 3rd episode of “That’s A Good Question: A Legal Coaching Podcast” with Kelly VanBuskirk and Mel Norton.
This month they chat with Judith Mackin, Tuck Studio, Tuck Interiors

CLICK on LINK BELOW to listen to Podcast.  Thank you Don Hemmings and John Dykeman for the production of this Podcast.


Above:  Left, Kelly VanBuskirk, with visibly less hair than right, Mel Norton.

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