EQ3 Spring/Summer Collection + a new look for the Replay collection!

We’re very excited to announce our EQ3 Spring/Summer Collection! Click the image below to see the full lookbook! This lookbook brings major summer vibes with it’s natural linens and warm wood accents – something that makes us all want to cozy up on these pieces with friends and family. 

We encourage you to take a look online at eq3.com to see the entire collection and the options available for each piece. Stop in to visit us to see samples and talk to our team about your space! We’re exclusive partners with EQ3, which means you can’t get it anywhere else in New Brunswick! When ordering your products through Tuck, we save you the cost of shipping and ensure that the products arrive in good condition before sending them out to you. This way, you can avoid the hassles involved in shipment and any potential damages or extra costs that may occur. Our team is dedicated to carefully hand inspecting every piece that comes through the store before arriving at your door, so we have you covered! 

What’s better than saving money and having peace of mind? 

We’re also excited to show you the new look of the Replay Collection! The 2018 edition of the Replay pays tribute to EQ3’s iconic collection, first introduced in 2002. The re-envisioned design combines foam and feather, with a unique flexible back frame to create a luxurious seating experience. Personalize your Replay with over 130 fabrics and leathers, and a variety of sectional configurations.  

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2002 Edition                                                                                                                               2018 Edition

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