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OKAY – We have been dying to properly introduce one of EQ3’s recently released collections and one that is quickly becoming a Tuck staple: Meet, EVERYDAY!

It's easy to understand how this collection got its name - as soon as you sit on the Everyday, you are met with a luxurious plushness that makes it all too tempting to sink in and lounge away for hours on end! Whether you are hosting an evening with friends or planning a quiet, cozy night in, you are guaranteed to have an unparalleled seating experience every time you curl up!

We love that the Everyday collection strikes the perfect balance of mid-century modern references, while featuring a contemporary scale - making it a timeless and versatile piece that fits seamlessly into any space. Not to mention the sheer range of configurations it comes in! The Everyday is one of EQ3's most customizable collections yet - featuring a variety of shapes and sizes, differing seat depths, fill types, distinct arm profiles, and more. We are hard pressed to find something they haven’t thought of!

PLUS - there is no better time to buy than now! From Friday, June 23rd - Wednesday, July 5th, take advantage of 20% off all EQ3 upholstery and dining collections!



1. The possibilities are truly endless! The Everyday is one of EQ3’s most versatile collections yet! With 2 seating options, differing seat depths, and 4 distinct arm profiles it is easily adaptable to suit your lifestyle needs. EQ3’s modular foundation facilitates a unique opportunity for our clients to have some creative agency when it comes the piece that will most likely be at the center of their home. That being said, we will of course be here to guide you and offer our expertise throughout the entire process to ensure that you feel confident in any and all decisions! (We know it can sometimes be as overwhelming as it is exciting).

2. Comfort & Durability - Whether you decide to go with feather fill or memory foam core, the overall plush feel and perfectly proportioned scale makes it where you'll want to be at the end of the day, everyday. Everyday also features EQ3's no-sag suspension, and fully upholstered back cushions, which help maintain it's shape and plushness even after many long naps and binge sessions!

3. Design Winner The overall design of the Everyday strikes the perfect balance of modern and classic, making it an aesthetic chameleon of sorts. This makes it an excellent choice should you any point to decide to re-design your space, or re-locate! With organic, clean, and refined details found in mid-century aesthetic, but with a contemporary platform scale, the Everyday fits seamlessly into a broad range of spaces.


1. Free pickup at Tuck on Prince William Street! If you order online from anywhere else, you're going to pay minimum $200 shipping.  You also have a dedicated Tuck representative that will take care of all the details for you on your behalf including any warranty or unforeseen damages that may happen in transit.

2. We carefully inspect your orders to ensure it's in great shape before releasing it to you, making sure everything is tip-top before you receive it.

3. Tuck can coordinate local delivery in the greater Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton, Sackville & St. Andrews/St. Stephen areas for less than you'd pay for shipping online, saving you time and money!

Here are just a few possibilities in this diverse collection!

Everyday Chair: Regularly $1999, NOW $1599.20; Everyday 3-Seater Sofa; Regularly $4099, NOW $3279.20

Everyday 2-Piece Sectional: Regularly $6199, NOW $4,959.20; Everyday Loveseat: Regularly $4399, NOW $3519.20

*prices as shown in above configurations


As you can see, there is endless room to play with different configurations, seat depths, fabrics, and so on, in order to land on the right fit for your space and lifestyle. Going with deep seating, rather than shallow is a great option for taller folks, or those of us who like having a little extra room to tuck our legs up! Or if you are working with a smaller space, going with narrow track arms can give those extra few inches you may need to make your sofa fit just right.

Everyday also accommodates a huge range of pricing options! The few samples above demonstrate just how much the overall cost can shift based on the configuration, scale, as well of the choice of fabric or leather, etc. Plus there is no better time to save even more by taking advantage of 20% off during the No Place Like Home Sale from now until July 5th!


Now that you've fallen in love with Everyday, you have some decisions to make. What configuration do you choose? Do you go with fabric or leather? Which fabric or leather? What is the meaning of life? While we don't pretend to have all the answers, when it comes to choosing the right furniture and decor in your home, we're kind of know-it-alls!

You have three options:

  1.  Free: Email us pics of your space and ask us all the questions you can muster.  We'll give you our expert advice!
  2.  Free:  Book an in-store consult with one of our team members and we'll sit together, listen to your needs and find the perfect solution.  Bring your family, friends, pets!
  3. ($250-$290 / hour) With making such a big investment, you want Judith to come to your home and talk through all the scenarios!  Follow hundreds of others who have taken this step and schedule a virtual/ in-home consult with Judith!


Judith will offer expert advice on room layout, furnishings, lighting, art, flooring and paint choices. She’ll help you reimagine everything from a one-room makeover to an entire home.

Did we mention that virtual consults are $250/ hour and in-person consults are $290/ hour? Less than what it would cost for shipping if you were to order EQ3 anywhere other than Tuck!

Tuck 49 (32)


You will always have the option of visiting us in store, for free, to discuss layout and fabric options. The Tuck team will spend time reviewing the features and benefits of the various materials available and assist with choosing a layout that fits your needs.  Bring photos, fabrics, anything you think will help us help you make the perfect choice.

Also, have kids or pets? Bring them with you to test out Oskar and our other furniture in person.  We love all family members, four-legged ones especially!


Curious about how Everyday or any other EQ3 upholstery might look in another fabric, leather or configuration? Remove the guess work with EQ3's online tool that allows you to render Everyday in any of their fabric or leather options. Pre shop your options here and then get in touch with us via email hello@tuckstudio.ca to order or call 506 642 9692 - It's that easy! 

Thanks for taking the time to meet Everyday, we hope you love it just as much as we do! Please contact us with any questions. 

Take advantage EQ3's No Place Like Home Sale and save 20% on upholstery and dining from now until July 5th! 

Tuck is proud to be the official brand partner with EQ3 in New Brunswick. You can learn more about EQ3, the benefits of ordering through us, and more here

Pre-shop on EQ3 and then email or phone us with your order. It's just that easy!

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