About this project

Just upstairs from our beloved Tuck shop at 115 Prince William Street is the Tuck Loft. We transformed the loft for Tuck's Holiday Loft Lookbook, keeping top of mind how the space will be used when the holiday decor is down.

If you haven't already, check out Tuck's Holiday Loft Lookbook 2023. It's bursting with creative decorating ideas, gift suggestions, the joy of holiday shopping, local partnerships, local artwork, and so much more. We cordially invite you to dive into these 155 meticulously curated pages. Here, we've poured not only our expertise and creativity but, above all, our love. We trust that you will enjoy this captivating visual journey we've created for you! As you flip through the pages, remember that it's a fully interactive experience. Nearly everything is just a click away. With just a simple tap or click on a product, you can effortlessly navigate to our online shop and purchase away!

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