You won’t believe it’s not leather! New Vegan Appleskin Leather from Gus* Modern

Have you seen Gus* Modern’s latest Vegan AppleSkinTM Leather? Vegan AppleSkinTM Leather is a new, eco-friendly upholstery material that offers an exciting new option for anyone searching for a quality alternative to leather. Formed by upcycling discarded fruit fiber into a durable covering that retains the classic aesthetic of natural leather, the material is a standout addition to Gus* Modern’s collection of eco-friendly options.

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Designed and manufactured in Italy, the material was created to re-purpose the food remnants of the country’s apple orchard and juicing industries, and to answer a global call for an alternative to natural leather. The manufacturing process combines upcycled fruit fiber – apple cores and peels – with polymers to create a biopolymer material that is vegan and OEKO-TEX® Certified. This certification means that the material has been independently tested by OEKO-TEX® and verified to meet their strict standards for health and safety.

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Vegan AppleSkinTM Leather retains the look and feel of natural leather, showcasing an attractive interplay of texture, luster and refined comfort. The material is equally durable and easy to clean, resulting in designs that are both stylish and practical. Gus* Modern has introduced Vegan AppleSkinTM Leather in two exclusive colours – Cognac and Licorice – developed in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer to evoke the look and feel of natural leather with a distinctly modern aesthetic. The material is available on select Gus* Modern seating designs, including the popular Mix Modular Collection and Truss Chair, which offer a variety of design possibilities to suit any space.

Gus* Modern Truss Chair Vegan Appleskin Leather – Licorice ($1495)


+ Vegan AppleSkinTM Leather is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I Certified
+ Composition: 24% Cotton 24% Polyester 42% Polyurethane 10% Apple Pomace
+ Durable and easy to clean
+ Water-resistant

Gus* Modern Truss Chair Vegan Appleskin Leather – Cognac ($1495)

We’re proud to be the exclusive retailer for Gus* Modern in New Brunswick. Visit us on Prince William Street in Saint John, browse the Gus* Modern collection on our new online shop, or email for inquiries. 

Gus* Modern Mix Sofa in Vegan Appleskin Leather – Cognac ($3790)

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