Wooden accessories & gifts, in stock at Tuck!

When we look for quality products, our criteria almost always includes solid wood whether it’s furniture or accessories. Solid wood products tend to have a longer lifespan, can be easily repaired if they become damaged with a bit of sanding and refinishing, and give any space an organic feel.

So naturally, we gravitate toward wooden items when we’re looking for a long lasting and well made gift for our friends and family. We’re proud to sell a number of beautiful wooden accessories and home decor items at Tuck! 

SLAB Wood from The Hood Serving Boards & Coasters

Judith Mackin, owner of Tuck, has worked closely with the forestry team at J.D. Irving Ltd. to design and develop a completely original and uniquely New Brunswick furniture collection called ‘SLAB – Wood from the Hood.’ What makes this particular collaboration special is the use of the ‘slab,’ part of the tree that would otherwise be used for firewood or tissue. The trees used are all mature ash, birch and maple trees grown in New Brunswick and very much the product of responsible forest management from woodlands that are environmentally certified by independent experts every year under the international Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

From this collaboration come our collection of serving boards and coasters! 

We love these SLAB Wood From the Hood Serving Boards ($35) for gifts! These boards are excellent for cheese serving and add an organic element to any table setting. Available in a variety of unique sizes, each one has a pre-drilled hole to easily hang on a kitchen peg. 

Pair the serving board with the coordinating coasters for the perfect set! $38/ pack of 4 

Each serving board and coaster is embossed with the Wood from the Hood branding! 

N-Product Uptown Saint John Coasters, $65/ set of 4

These laser etched coasters are the perfect gift for anyone living in Saint John or with strong connections to the city. Each coaster features a portion of Uptown Saint John etched on aromatic cedar and finished with a natural mineral oil.

N-Product Uptown Saint John Wall Map, $190

Also from N-Product, these laser etched wall maps feature the entire Uptown Saint John area. Each map has pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. 

Rekindle Tailor Hooks – Back in stock!

Back in stock! The popular Rekindle Tailor Hooks. Rekindle’s Tailor Hooks marry practicality and beauty through its modern lines and solid wood and brass materials. Not limited to coats and hats, these hooks are statement pieces for any room in your home.

These tailor hooks are beautiful on their own and even better as an installation! Available in 4 sizes and 2 finishes, mix and match them to suit your style and storage needs.

1pc: 1 1/2 x 4 x 4″
2pc: 6 x 3 x 11″
3pc: 6 x 4 x 24”
5pc: 6 x 4 x 48”

1-Hook, Walnut ($45)
2-Hook, Walnut ($75)
3-Hook, Walnut ($110)
5-Hook, Walnut ($225)
1-Hook, Oak ($40)
2-Hook, Oak ($58)
3-Hook, Oak ($86)
5-Hook, Oak ($190)

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Rekindle Spreading Knives. Oak, $12/ Walnut, $17

The Rekindle Spreading Knife lets you spread your jellies, jams, and butters in comfort and style.

The spreading knife has a thick handle for a solid, good grip and a wide tip for easy scooping into jars. It is available in solid walnut and white oak finish.

Rekindle Spreading Knife Oak, $12
Rekindle Spreading Knife Walnut, $17

Rekindle Remix Salad Servers, $28

It’s not just about what you serve, but how you serve it. Rekindle’s Remix Salad Servers offer a unique way to toss and serve your favorite salads. Designed to nestle together in a sleek and symmetrical X design, it’s the perfect kitchen accessory.

Rekindle Remix Salad Servers. Walnut, $40/ Oak, $35
Rekindle Remix Salad Servers. Walnut, $40/ Oak, $35

EQ3 Rubberwood Cheese Board, $29.99

Made of unfinished rubberwood, this board is perfect for your creative cheese assortments! Gift one to the person in your life who loves to host. Can also be used as a serving board for dips or seasonings. 

EQ3 Ban Trays

Also from EQ3, the Ban Trays! Set this tray into your coordinating Ban table to slide along the surface or rotate it to hover above or pick one up to use on its own! These trays form distinct islands along the table surface to serve, store, and steady your objects. Designed in Winnipeg and made thoughtfully by craftspeople in Qingdao, China.

EQ3 Ban Trays are available in 4 shapes/ sizes (round, square, small rectangle, and large rectangle) and 2 finishes (solid walnut or solid oak). 

Ban Tray Round Walnut, $59.99
Ban Tray Square Walnut, $59.99
Ban Tray Large Rectangle Walnut, $69.99
Ban Tray Small Rectangle Walnut, $39.99
Ban Tray Round Oak, $49.99
Ban Tray Square Oak, $49.99
Ban Tray Large Rectangle Oak, $59.99
Ban Tray Small Rectangle Oak, $29.99

EQ3 Ban Trays are designed to pair with the EQ3 Ban Coffee Table Collection! 

The name ‘Ban’ comes from a Chinese character 板 (Bǎn), for which one meaning is “board,” an essential structural element of the collection. The Ban benches and tables offer a distinct flexibility as both seating and surface. Manufactured in solid wood, the design is rooted in structure and longevity.

Voids created by the joists of the table offer a particular function – a series of trays can be set in to slide along the table surface or rotated to hover above it. These trays form distinct islands along the table surface to serve, store, and steady your objects. Designed in Winnipeg and made thoughtfully by craftspeople in Qingdao, China

EQ3 Ban Coffee Table - Small Oak, $499
EQ3 Ban Coffee Table - Large Oak, $699
EQ3 Ban Coffee Table - Small Walnut, $699
EQ3 Ban Coffee Table - Large Walnut, $899

Umbra Tuck Box, $30

The Umbra Tuck box stacks and swivels open and closed, making use of vertical space, creating a beautiful cube shape that looks great on dressers, vanities and countertops. Soft fabric lining the boxes will protect your jewelry and prevent it from moving around a lot inside the box. These open concept boxes don’t have sorting dividers, so you can arrange your bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and other accessories, trinkets and beloved objects as you wish. These nesting boxes add height, dimension and texture to any arrangement of objects they sit on. 

Umbra Tuck Box, $30

Tuck is made of bamboo with a natural finish, adding a touch of warmth to this modern and versatile cube-shaped storage box, its hardware is metal.

Umbra Tuck Box ($30) on an Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool ($140).

For more gift giving and festive inspiration, read our 2019 Holiday Look Book! Plus share the look book for a chance to win a $100 Tuck Gift Card! Click/ tap here for more details on our share to win contest!  

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