What We’re Loving: Neutral Area Rugs from EQ3

There’s something about a neutral, minimalist area rug that just speaks to us. Don’t get us wrong, we’re loving the resurgence over the last few years of more traditional rugs with ornate patterns, time worn appeal, and a classic sophistication. Still, a neutral rug speaks to our minimalist side. They’re simple and easily mix with other elements in a room.

Of course our go to for neutral area rugs is the Canadian furniture manufacturer and design company, EQ3! Their carefully thought out collection of well made and well designed area rugs is perfection. Each rug is beautifully elegant, featuring subtle colours and reserved patterns.

Continue reading to see some of our favourite neutral rugs from EQ3!

EQ3 Hazel Rug

The EQ3 Hazel rug adds texture to your living space or bedroom. It’s neutral weave is perfect for any room. The composition is a mix of 40% Cotton, 40% Wool and 20% Viscose. Available in 5’x8′ ($499.99) or 8’x10′ ($999.99). 

Also featured: 

EQ3 Reverie 86" Sofa - Classic Sahara Leather ($2899)
EQ3 Custom 24" x 42" Coffee Table White Marble/ Stainless Steel ($949)

EQ3 Klip House Rug

Named after an eighteenth-century rooming house or inexpensive place to sleep, the Kip House rug is woven with symbols based on the traditional symbology used by nomadic people in the 1920s to spread information and pass along messages on train cars or in alleyways. Designed by Toronto-based Emily Tu and Edmond Tung, this traditional kilim-constructed, or flat tapestry-woven rug is made of dip-dyed New Zealand wool. The dip-dye process allows for more depth in the colour of the rug, and the longer New Zealand wool creates both durability and softness.

EQ3 Klip House Rug Beige ($699.99)
EQ3 Klip House Rug Blue ($699.99)
EQ3 Klip House Rug Olive ($699.99)

Also featured: 

Bank Wide Bench in Coachella Cognac Leather/ Black Base with wide pillow & bolster pillow ($2248.98)
EQ3 Simone End Table Walnut/ Black ($299)

EQ3 Mystic Reversible Rug 

The Mystic rug is an eclectic handwoven reversible rug with braided tassels. Available in 5 sizes:

  • 5’x8′ ($349.99)
  • 2.5′ x 7′ runner ($149.99)
  • 8’x10′ ($699.99)
  • 6’x9′ ($499.99)
  • 9’x12′ ($999.99)

Perfect for any room and it’s reversible black with white stripes on one side and white with black stripes on the other, making it easy to change up your room’s decor with a simple flip. 

Also featured: 

EQ3 Winston Bed in Coachella Camel Leather w/ low headboard & deluxe slats ($2799)
EQ3 Reclaimed Teak Nightstand w/ charcoal sides ($299)
EQ3 Acadia Duvet Set ($199.99 Queen/ $229.99 King)
EQ3 Kacia Console Table Java ($399)

EQ3 Nomad Rug

The beautiful and unique Nomad rug is inspired by the traditional Mazandaran kilim rugs of northern Iran. These rugs are dyed at the fibre stage, which gives them a unique blend of colour, and the broken stripe design adds depth to any room. Made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, these lightweight rugs are handwoven on a pitloom, and their high-quality flatweave makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting with proper care.

  • 2’x3′ ($79.99)
  • 2.6′ x 7′ runner ($199.99)
  • 5’x8′ ($499.99)
  • 6’x9′ ($649.99)
  • 8’x10′ ($999.99)
EQ3 Nomad Rug, Black
EQ3 Nomad Rug, Rust
EQ3 Nomad Rug, Black
EQ3 Nomad Rug, Blue
EQ3 Nomad Rug, Natural

All of these rugs, plus the entire EQ3 collection, is available to order at Tuck! We’re proud to be the exclusive retailer for everything EQ3 in New Brunswick. Visit us, 122 Prince William Street in Saint John, to view the collection and order your EQ3 products today! 

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