What We’re Loving: Ceiling Paper (wallpaper on the ceiling)!

Wallpaper on the ceiling? But it’s not called ceiling paper!

That’s why we’ve always been drawn to the idea, it feels in a way like we’re breaking the rules. When it comes right down to it, it’s an obvious choice to add drama to any room. It immediately draws the eye up, making the room feel larger, it creates a stunning focal point, and there’s no chance of it getting banged or damaged.

We’ve been feeling inspired seeing rooms with Cole & Son wallpaper used on the ceiling and wanted to share the photos. Keep scrolling to see how others are papering their ceilings.

Tuck the shop is closed but we’re open online and by phone or email. We can ship wallpaper samples from Cole & Son or JF Fabrics direct to your home. Browse the collections online, send us an email to tell us what samples you’d like to see in person, and we’ll pop them in the mail! 

Cole & Son Piccadilly 94/8044 Wallpaper ($246.40/ 11 yard roll)

Cole & Son Piccadilly 94/8044

A humorous take on the ‘blue and white’ tile, the Piccadilly wallpaper design creates a striking pattern of intricately decorated tiles in traditional colourings of blues, turquoises, yellows and black. Available in five colourways.

Cole & Son Nuvolette 114/28054 Wallpaper ($768 2 roll set)
Cole & Son Nuvolette 114/28054 Wallpaper ($768 2 roll set)

Cole & Son Nuvolette 114/28054

A smaller scale version of the mural Nuvole, Nuvolette, is one of the most enduring Fornasetti designs. The sky was long a recurring vision for Fornasetti and these ‘little clouds’ are delicately detailed etchings depicting tempestuous, rolling skies. Presented in understated colourways of Black and White, Soot and Snow, Stone, and Midnight creating endless movement across this enchanting design.

Cole & Son Starts 103/3015 Wallpaper ($249.20/ 11 yard roll)

Cole & Son Starts 103/3015

Taken from the Cole & Son block print archives, this charming design, produced in six celestial colourings, provides the perfect magical backdrop to any space.

Cole & Son Woodland 115/4011 Wallpaper ($834/ 11 yard roll)

Cole & Son Woodland 115/4011

The dappled depths of an enchanting Woodland become the home of fantasy and folly; where light and shade play amongst the expansive canopy alongside creatures great and small, the hushed quiet offering a sanctuary from the rest of the world.
The Cole & Son studio have taken this beguiling scene, weaving familiar woodland themes to create a rich tapestry design, large in scale and engrossing in detail, in archival tones of vivid Coral, contrasted with understated Olive & Charcoal.

To find out more about our wallpaper, send us an email, let us know which collections you’re interested in, and we’ll send you more info plus ship samples direct to your home!

Thanks for reading!

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