We asked 4 families what they thought about their Gus* Furniture. Read on to see what they had to say!

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At Tuck, we can go on and on about how much we love Gus* Modern furniture. Aside from selling it, we also live with it! The quality and design of each piece is perfect for families large and small, bachelors or bachelorettes, young couples starting out, retirees, and everyone in between! 

Instead of us droning on once again about the quality of Gus* furniture, we decided to reach out to 4 families who have purchased Gus* pieces over the years and live with it everyday. Read on to see what they had to say. 

Kelly Decourcey & Jeff Sherwood

Our first family is that of Kelly Decourcey & Jeff Sherwood. We worked with Kelly back in 2015 to make her home into a colourful, vibrant, and joyful place that very much reflects her personality. Today, we’re working with Kelly & Jeff to makeover their new home! Stay tuned for that reveal at a later date. If you missed the before & after, check it out here. Here’s what Kelly & Jeff had to say about their Gus* Modern furniture: 

“We were impressed with the quality and comfort of our Gus* Modern pieces.
In a disposable press board world, it’s hard to find quality furniture at a fair price. After Judith introduced it to us with our Richmond Bi-Sectional and Lodge Chair, we’ve come to trust the brand.We insist on quality and comfort and Gus* Modern has never let us down.  When  in the market for a new bed, it was an obvious choice to purchase the Switch Bed.  Three weeks later we still keep commenting “How did the new bed make our original mattress feel like a hotel bed?!”

– Kelly Decourcey & Jeff Sherwood 

Pictured above is Kelly’s Living Room in her previous home featuring the Gus* Modern Richmond Bi-Sectional, the Gus* Halifax Chair, Metric End Table, Umbra Hub Mirror, Gautier Coffee Table, and the Dwell Chair. All from Tuck Studio! 

Here are some more photos of Kelly’s home! 

Jen Shea & David Gamble

Our next family is Jen Shea & David Gamble! We started working with them back in 2015 and since then their family has grown from 2 to 4 with the welcome addition of their two children! If you missed their before & after post, check it out here. This is what the couple had to say about their Gus* Modern furniture: 

“We’ve furnished most of our home with Gus* from the living room, sun room, bedrooms, and even the nursery. Not only does it look great, but everything is really comfy and functional too. And perhaps most importantly, so easy to clean. With two young kids, messy hands and spills are now part of our daily life. But each piece we own has stood the test of time and wipes down easily with no visible staining. Can’t ask for more than that!”

– Jen Shea & David Gamble 

Furniture Tuck Studio
Photo by Kelly Lawson

Pictured above is Jen & David’s Living Room with their Gus* Modern Jane Bi-Sectional, Gus* Modern Richmond Chairs, Gus* Modern Halifax Chair, Gus* Modern Wilson Cabinet, and their two Gus* Modern Lodge Chairs in the background! In addition to the Gus* pieces shown above, there are Lori Harrison Cushions, Ihanna Homoe Krummi Bird Hangers, a Sputnik Pendant, and Discuss pendant lights all from Tuck Studio. 

Enjoy these other photos of Jen & David’s home featuring more Gus* furniture and pieces from Tuck Studio. 

Jennifer & Jordan Kavanaugh

Jenn & Jordan Kavanaugh’s home is among one of our most recent before & after posts! We shared the after photos of their serene waterfront home back in April, revealing a full home makeover. The Kavanaugh home is a busy one with 2 Boston Terriers, Bosco & Enzo, and their lovely daughter. If you missed the before & after post from April, check it out here. This is what Jenn and Jordan had to say about their Gus* Modern furniture: 

“Gus Modern furniture is our absolute favourite. When looking for anything new, we check them out first! We have so many wonderfully beautiful and comfortable pieces it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Our Carmichael bed is a showstopper as well as our Logan bisectional. Gus Modern produces pieces that are beautiful to look at, cozy to relax on and durable to keep up with busy families.”

– Jennifer & Jordan Kavanaugh

Above is Jenn & Jordan’s Den featuring the Gus* Modern Logan Bi-Sectional, the Gus* Modern Hex Ottoman, a Gus* Wilson End Table, and a Gus* Gallery Tray! Artwork by Ryan Livingstone.  All from Tuck Studio! Additional decor includes the EQ3 Posey Vases, Black & White Ticking Cushions, and the EQ3 Sitara Rug 

Additional photos below of the Kavanaugh home including one of their cute pups, Bosco and Enzo! 

Scott & Tammy Lewis

We worked with Scott & Tammy Lewis years ago to update and modernize their family home. With growing kids and a dog, we knew that Gus* was the answer to breath fresh life into their home. Here is what they had to say about their Gus* Modern furniture: 

“Although we do not consider ourselves “furniture aficionados”, we could not be happier with the Gus sofas and chairs in our home. We were looking to update our dated interior with a more modern look and the Gus recommendations from TUCK fit the bill perfectly. Unique and comfortable, the Gus furniture sets the tone for our home now and for many years to come. The fact that it is a Canadian company makes this a purchase we can both love and feel good about.”

– Scott & Tammy Lewis

We don’t have any photos of the interior of Scott & Tammy’s home but we can show you what Gus* pieces they have. Featured: The Gus* Modern Carmichael Chair, Gus* Lodge Chair (above), and the Gus* Garrison Sofa which is no longer available but there are plenty of other options just as nice! 

Thank you to our 4 families! We’re so thankful to you and to everyone who continues to support Tuck Studio! 

It’s clear we love Gus* and so do the people who own it, even years later! Take advantage of the Gus* Summer Sale, on now at Tuck Studio! 20% off sectionals, sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, and beds for a limited time. 

We’d love to meet you and talk more about the wonderful benefits and quality of Gus* Modern furniture. Visit us on Prince William Street in Saint John! 

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Here’s some of what we’re loving right now from Gus*! 

The Gus* Modern Jane Sofa in Stockholm Cobalt

The Jane Sofa in Stockholm Cobalt fabric is a showstopper! Gus* has taken one of our favourite collections and added a stunning fabric that injects the perfect colour into any room. With Gus* Modern’s signature 100% FSC Certified Kiln Dried hardwood frame, high density foam, and their stunning stainless steel base, what’s not to love? Also features is the Array Oval Coffee Table in white, the Hatch Rug, and the Axis End Table in Walnut/ White. 

The Gus* Modern Carmichael Bed in Cambie Parchment

The Gus* Carmichael Bed in Cambie Parchment will make all your dreams come true! Well maybe not actually but you’ll definitely sleep peacefully on this luxurious bed. Pair it with a mattress from our friends at Snoozy’s! Instead of a clunky box spring, the Carmichael bed’s mattress suspension system uses a reinforced steel frame with bent plywood slats for durability/comfort.

The Gus* Modern Halifax Chair in Berkeley Mint/ White

The Gus* Halifax Chair  is not your average armchair! It’s sleek design, facetted upholstered seat cushions, steel frame, and wood finished arms makes for quite the accent piece! The chair comes in multiple configurations including the one pictured above in Berkeley Mint Fabric and White Powder Coated Steel. Also shown is the Gus* Hatch Rug.  


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