Wallpaper Wednesday! Tuck’s weekly wallpaper feature

We’re obsessed with wallpaper and proud of it! It’s no secret that we love using wallpaper in all of our projects through Tuck Interiors.

Why not, right?

With so many to choose from, wallpaper is an excellent way to inject personality, colour, and pattern into a room. We love flipping through wallpaper books with our clients and hear them say, “that is so me!” when they see one they like.

With everything from whimsical scenes to traditional florals to contemporary geometrics, it can be overwhelming to pick one just right for you. Which is why we’ve started a new blog series, Wallpaper Wednesday! 

On Wallpaper Wednesdays we’ll share some of the wallpapers we love, new and long time obsessions. We’ve asked the entire Tuck Team to weigh in on their favourites as well! 


For our first wallpaper feature, Josh has picked one of his favorite wallpapers from Cole & Son’s Archive Anthology Collection, “Hummingbird’s“.

“Some might be surprised to hear that this is one of my favorite wallpapers. I tend to gravitate toward neutral and simple patterns with little to no colour. Usually, the more minimal the better.

However I’m also drawn to classic and sophisticated patterns that can inject personality and pattern into a space without feeling overwhelming. The Hummingbirds wallpapers from Cole & Son achieve that balance, introducing a timeless element. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this collection, specifically the cream based backgrounds. They remind me of a relaxing country cottage, somewhere you can truly unwind and enjoy nature.” 

– Josh      

Cole & Son Hummingbirds Wallpaper Colourways

Cole & Son "Hummingbirds" Wallpaper 112/4015

Price: $274.40/ roll
Length: 33′
Width: 20.5″
Repeat: 21.2″ 

Find out how many rolls you need using this online wallpaper calculator

Cole & Son "Hummingbirds" Wallpaper 100/14067

We installed Cole & Son’s Hummingbirds 100/14068 wallpaper in Jeff & Laura Brewer’s guest bedroom, paired with a queen size EQ3 Winston Bed in Lana Dark Blue with deluxe slats ($1849) from Tuck, creating a beautiful blue bedroom. 

Featured Items from Tuck

Tink Table Lamp
Winston Bed, from $1249
Ticking Cushions, $69
100/14068, $274.40/ roll

This wallpaper will fit into a modern, contemporary, historic, or traditional home with ease due to its simplicity and timelessness. In a modern interior, it will offer a calming reprieve and balance the otherwise rigid space. In a traditional home, it will elevate the design and compliment the existing features.

What do you think of Josh’s wallpaper choice? Do you have a favorite colour from the collection? Share this post on Facebook and let us know what you think. Remember to tag @tuckstudio when you share so we don’t miss it. 

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