Update Your Living Room with a Little Help from Tuck!

Last week we shared some quick tips to totally transform your kitchen so this week we’re sharing how to update another popular room in your home, the Living Room! Otherwise known as the great room, rumpus room, family room, sitting room, or the room with the TV in it! Whatever you call it, it’s usually the room in your home where you go to kick back, relax, and unwind. 

Living rooms see their fair share of abuse and can become dated and tired over time. We’d like to share some suggestions and tips to help you rejuvenate your living room and make it into a space you’re happy to be in and proud to show off! 

1. Invest in quality furniture 

Our number one suggestion for living rooms, always, is to invest in good quality furniture that suits your lifestyle. Being one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, the furniture in living rooms certainly takes a beating. This is especially true for families or anyone with pets.

When shopping for furniture look for high durability fabrics, top grain leathers, and solid hard wood frames. We’re proud to work with a variety of furniture manufacturers who focus on quality in everything they create. We are the exclusive retailer in New Brunswick of Gus* Modern and EQ3 furniture.

2. Clear Out Anything You No Longer Need or Use 

Living Rooms become the dumping ground in many homes for old and mismatched furniture, clutter, trinkets, children’s toys, and more. Before you even begin adding more to your living room, be sure to remove anything that you don’t use or no longer need. By getting rid of items you don’t need, it opens the space making it easier to identify a layout and things you’d like to replace. 

Take the Darling Cottage for example. The living room of this cottage was filled with odds and ends that had been collected over the years. With a bit of editing, the family was able to determine which pieces they truly wanted to keep, like the two arm chairs which were reupholstered and brought back to life in the renovated space. By clearing out the unwanted items, it was easier to establish a better layout for the room and add in thing they wanted like built in shelving, a sectional, and storage for their cozy blankets. 



3. Create an Accent Wall with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent way to create an accent wall. There are seemingly endless options to choose from to reflect your personality and style. Lately, we love absolutely everything from Cole & Son, available from Tuck. 

We love playing with wallpaper to adorn our walls each season in the store. Last Spring, we introduced the Cole & Son line of wallpapers at Tuck with their Ardmore Singita wallpaper front and centre. 

4. Spruce Up Your Fireplace with New Tiles

While not as simple as updating your furniture or hanging some wallpaper, re-tiling your fireplace can have a huge impact on your living room. Fireplaces are usually the main focal point in a living room making it the first place your eye lands. Take, for example, Judith’s recent home transformation! On the fireplace, she installed stunning Timorous Beasties Splitter Splatter Damask tiles from Clé Tile.

5. Lay a New Area Carpet 

Area Carpets are a quick and simple way to update a room. Play with colour, pattern, and texture to get the look you want. There are plenty of area carpets from small runners to oversized rugs available from Tuck. Visit us in store to see samples. 

Tip: Looking for a bit of sound absorption in your living room? Choose a plush area carpet to muffle noise. 

6. Switch out Your Coffee & End Tables 

Sometimes, all that is needed is a quick switch of the accent tables in a living room to transform the room. There are endless options to choose from which can make the shopping experience fun but overwhelming. It’s difficult to decide on a style and to pair tables without being too “matchy match“. When shopping for accent tables we suggest: 

  • Invest in quality, especially if you have young children. Consider solid wood so you can refinish them if needed. 
  • Choose pieces that compliment each other, not match. Opt for similar tables in complimentary finishes. 
  • If you have children, choose accent tables with storage.
  • Keep size in mind. Choose accent tables that match the scale of your other furniture and be sure to purchase something that suits your needs. If you love board games, make sure your coffee table is large enough to play all your favourites. 
  • For small spaces, consider clear finishes such as glass or acrylic. 

7. Change out Your Cushions and Throws

Of all our living room decorating tips, none could be easier than this one! Stop by Tuck to pick up some new cushions and throw blankets. 

Blankets & Throws are a wonderful way to decorate your living room. We have plenty of 100% lambs wool throws in stock from Klippan. 

8. Clean Up Around your TV 

Our last tip, but one of the most important is clean up around your TV! Messy wires, mile high stacks of DVD’s, game consoles, and remotes (some of which probably don’t pair to anything) create a lot of clutter around your TV and can completely throw off the living room. Take some time to de-clutter your media stand. Here are our tips: 

  • Replace multiple remotes with one universal one. 
  • Organize DVD’s and games in drawers.
  • Hide cords with cord organizers and accessories, available from most home improvement or tech stores. 
  • Replace bulky sound systems and speakers with new wireless options


If you feel your TV area is really out of control, consider investing in a new media stand that might better suit your needs, such as the new EQ3 Replay Media Stand, available in a 54″ or 72″ size. Walnut veneer, finished on all sides, with powder coated legs. The stand features drawers instead of cabinets for easier organizing with two open shelves for game consoles, media players, etc. 

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to refresh your Living Room! Remember to schedule your home consult with Judith Mackin before beginning any project in your home. For $160/ hour Judith will visit your home (or business) and give expert advice on room layout, furnishings, lighting, art, flooring and paint choices. She’ll help you reimagine everything from a one-room makeover to a complete renovation. Good Design begins with a plan. And that plan will save you money. Send an email hello@tuckstudio.ca to schedule your consult. 

Thank you for reading! 

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