TUCK’s Top 5: What Judith is lovin’ this season… (with a surprise twist!)


Here at Tuck, we have all been brainstorming the perfect gift ideas for any personality on our lists this year. If you’re looking for some gift-giving inspiration, we’ve got some for you! Our team has put together a collection of our five favourite items we would love to give (or receive!), all in stock and available through TUCK!

Here are Judith’s top 5 favorite gift ideas:

  1. I am nuts about this Pony Rider “Be My Wolf Pack” potato sack sized cotton canvas with beautiful hand screen printed font!  From our Australian friends, this cushion is the perfect gift for a loved one.  It’s huge! ($198)
  2. Everyone needs a great nightstand book of poetry, I highly recommend my best guy –  Robert Moore’s – 5th Book of Poetry ‘Based on Actual Events’. ($18)
  3. As an avid wine lover, Gus* Modern’s Acrylic Wine Rack is a must have for fellow wine drinkers! (oh, and if you chose not to drink beautiful water bottle look great in there too!) ($195)
  4. Harry Allen’s ‘Bank in the Form of a Pig’ in black matte remains a favourite of mine and a great gift for Christmas! ($260)
  5. Moooi, a design collective that was founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, Moooi is named after their native Dutch word for beautiful – the third ‘o’ stands for extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness. The collection’s style is exclusive, daring, playful, exquisite and based on the belief that design is a question of love.

Yes!  We will be selling this stunning collection from the Netherlands exclusively in Atlantic Canada through TUCK INTERIORS soon to open in the new year on Grannan Lane.! Featured here, the monster dining chair. 

Happy Holidays and we’ll see you this week at the store!


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