TUCK’s Top 5: What Alex and Sarah are lovin’ this season…

Here at Tuck, we have all been brainstorming the perfect gift ideas for any personality or character on our lists this year. If you’re looking for some gift-giving inspiration, we’ve got some for you! Our team has put together a collection of our five favourite items we would love to give (or receive!), all in stock and available through TUCK!


Here are Sarah’s Top 5:

  1. Umbra Copper Dima Mirror ($40)
    A set of 3 diamond shaped mirrors suspended from copper chains. Hang 3 or more for a cascading waterfall effect.
  2. Umbra Shift Coffee Kettle ($100)
    This Cowboy Coffee Kettle is based on traditional open range fire brewing. Bring water to a boil, add ground coffee and let it steep. Pour slowly and enjoy
  3. Fete Flatware ($180)
    Made from titanium-coated copper, this elegant black flatware set will impress your guests.
    And they’re dishwasher safe!
  4. Darren Emenau Ceramics (starting at $70)
    Breathtaking one of a kind ceramics by local artist Darren Emenau are available in many colors and different glazes – simple gifts that will be loved by all!
  5. YSJ Cushions ($89 – $110)
    An extremely well loved Christmas gift idea for the ones you love in YSJ and those who’ve ventured elsewhere for a while!




Here are Alex’s Top 5:

  1. EQ3 Tuxedo Table Lamp ($100)
    Ideal on a bedside table or as a stand-alone art piece, the geometric style of the wire frame and faux leather shade inject a room with a sartorial edge.
  2. EQ3 Spot Wall Knobs (starting at $10)
    Available in marble or painted rubberwood, these wall knobs ideal for an entryway, bedroom and more. They come in assorted colors and are available in black and white marble!
  3. Umbra Prisma Accessory Organizer ($15)
    Coated metal wire earring and jewelry organizer with linen lined tray. Coordinates with the PRISMA family. With a coated metal frame and linen tray, its delicate geometric design acts as both an art piece and a spot your jewelry to call home.
  4. Umbra Hub Mirror ($180)
    An over-sized glass mirror with a modern rubber rim. Emerging from a need for simple, functional wall décor, the robust, strong silhouette and protective “bumper” is a causal, innovative design solution. This mirror with transform any space by boosting lighting and visually expanding the space.
  5. Gus* Modern Hive End Table ($400)
    A dynamically designed seating option that can be used for dining, living and working. It has a polypropylene seat with matte finish and powder coated steel legs with nylon feet, making it easy to wipe clean from any spills.

Stop by to see us anytime we are open today, Sunday from 12-5pm and with our new extended Holiday hours means we’ll be here until 7 on weeknights, and until 5 on Saturdays (closed on Monday)! We’ve got a Holiday market filled with goodies for under the tree.

We hope that we’ve covered everyone on your list this Christmas!

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