Tuck’s Thanksgiving Essentials! A list of must haves for hosts and guests, all in stock at Tuck!

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 A list of Thanksgiving must haves, from Tuck! 


Thanksgiving is this weekend!

Are you ready?

We know how much effort goes into planning a meal, which is why we’d like to help in the only way we can, with the decor! None of us at Tuck  claim to be excellent chef’s (although word on the street is Ellen can hold her own in the kitchen) but if there’s one thing we do know it’s how to decorate! We’ve put together a great list of functional and decorative kitchen and dining accessories that will help make your Thanksgiving feast perfect.

Attending a dinner? Don’t go empty handed! Keep scrolling for our list of host gifts anyone would be happy to receive. 

For Cooking

Red Ticking Apron

There’s nothing like tying on an apron to make you feel like a proper chef! Pick up one of these classic ticking aprons to protect your clothes are you battle it out in the kitchen this Thanksgiving weekend. These aprons even have a handy pouch for quick access to things like recipe books, utensils, or maybe a flask?

Red Ticking Aprons, $29

EQ3 Coast White Marble Mortar & Pestle 

A good Mortar & Pestle is the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Use it to make fresh guacamole, crush garlic, make pesto, fresh salsa, hummus, grind spices and dried herbs, crush crackers (think graham cracker pie crusts), grind nuts and seeds, and the list goes on! Pick up one of these solid marble Mortar & Pestles and discover all the ways you can use it for your thanksgiving feast!

EQ3 Coast Mortar & Pestle, $24.99

Umbra Fanfare Trivets

Don’t run out of trivets for all the hot dishes you’re serving up! The Umbra Fanfare Trivets fan out when in use and fold up for storage, taking up no space at all.

Umbra Fanfare Trivet, $20/ set of 2

EQ3 Wooden Bear Spatula & Salad Spoon

Handmade from solid teak, the Bear collection introduces the beauty of natural solid wood to your table or kitchen. Each piece is hand-carved in Bali and can be put to a variety of uses. To maintain the longevity of these pieces, hand wash and oil as needed.

Setting the Table

New Hemlock Plates, Mugs, and Bowls 

We recently received a new lineup of mugs, plates, and bowls- Hemlock! This collection features a speckled glaze and unglazed underside. Available in grey or cream.

Hemlock Mugs, Bowls, and Plates are $18 each in grey or cream. 

Hemlock Mug Grey, $18
Hemlock Mug Cream, $18
Hemlock Plate Cream, $18
Hemlock Plate Grey, $18
Hemlock Bowl Grey, $18
Hemlock Bowl Cream, $18

EQ3 Ames 20 Piece Flatware Set 

The EQ3 Ames Flatware set is classic and timeless. Wether buying all new or supplementing your exisitng flatware, this is the perfect go to set. Each pack includes 4 dinner knives, 4 dinner forks, 4 side forks, 4 soup spoons and 4 small spoons, is dishwasher safe, and made from 18/10 stainless steel.

EQ3 Ames 20 Piece Flatware Set, $99.99

NEW! Chilewich Flora Placemats 

We’ve always been huge fans of Chilewich and our love for them continues to grow every time they release a new design. Their new Flora Placemats are made using one of the earliest photographic processes to make continuous-tone, contact-printed images-known as cyanotypes or sunprints of fresh and dried flowers.

Chilewich Flora Placemats, $34

EQ3 Crisp Glassware 

Another EQ3 essential is their beautiful line of timeless, handblown glassware, the Crisp Glassware collection. Stock up on red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes in traditional rounded shapes.

Crisp White Wine Glass, Red Wine Glass, and Champagne Flutes are all $3.99 each. 

Red Ticking Napkins

Elevate your dining experience with our set of 4 cotton red ticking napkins. Soft and classic, these machine washable ticking napkins are the perfect addition to your table setting. Tip: pick up a few more than you need so you have extras for unexpected guests, spills, or extra messy eaters! Each napkin measures 20″ x 20″.

Red Ticking Napkins Set of 4, $23. 

Set the Mood

Ogilvy Candle Stick Holders – Set of 3 

These classic gold finished candle sticks come as a set of 3 different sizes and make an excellent addition to any table setting. Add a bit of glam with these gold finished candlestick holders.

Ogilvy Candlestick Holders Set of 3, $110

Ferris Candlestick Holders Set of 3

Need a bit of height for your table setting? These sleek and tall gold finished candlestick holders are the perfect solution. Sold in a set of 3.

Ferris Candlestick Holders Set of 3, $110

EQ3 Array Basic Dinner Candles 

We recommend stocking up on these classic white candlesticks and pillar candles from EQ3. If you go through candles like we do, it’s a good idea to have a few extras on hand. These simple, unscented candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pair these with some of our in stock candle holders! 

Frosted Heart Votives

Don’t forget about tea lights when setting your table. Create layes by pairing these cute frosted heart tea lights with the above candlesticks.

Gifts for the Host

Umbra Anigram Ring Holders 

Everyone is a fan of these adorable ring holders from Umbra. These copper finished ring holders are also perfect decorating accents and look wonderful tied around the neck of a wine bottle with a bit of fresh greenery!

Umbra Anigram Bunnies, Cats, Unicorns, or Reindeer are $9 each.

NEW! Ban Rectangular Tray – Walnut 

These trays, designed to form distinct islands along the table surfaces of the new Ban Coffee Tables, Side Tables, and End Tablesare also perfect use on any surface. Thanks to its raised base, picking the tray up and setting it down is easy even if the tray is loaded with food or drinks.

EQ3 Ban Rectangular Tray in Walnut, $69.99

RCBoisjoli Crystal Hanging Planters in Bronze or Purple Slapper 

A gift for the host with a green thumb are these Crystal Hanging Planters from RCBoisjoli. Glazed in ultra rich metallic bronze or a unique purple splatter. Each glaze creates a striking effect on a tapered faceted form.

RSCBoisjoli Crystal Hanging Planters, $45

Also shown above: Brothers Dressler Hangups ($225), and GP & J Baker Ferns Wallpaper (see samples in store). 

Whatever your plans are this weekend, remember to take time to enjoy being with friends and family. Enjoy delicious food and talk about the things you’re thankful for.


At Tuck, we’re thankful to our incredible clients for your continued to support!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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