Tuck’s Holiday Gift Guide! Josh’s Top 5 Gifts

Searching for the perfect gift can be overwhelming to say the least! To help you out, we’ve each chosen our top 5 gifts, from Tuck! We hope our gift selections help to inspire you to find the ideal gifts for everyone on your list.

Our fifth holiday gift guide comes from Josh! Josh’s top 5 list consists of some of his favorite things from Tuck which he’d be happy both give and receive this season. 



About Josh



“Originally from Saint John, I studied Interior Decorating in Ottawa then came back to the Port City to pursue my career. Before coming to Tuck, I worked at any number of retail stores, including the EQ3 store in Ottawa. I now live on Canada’s West Coast in British Columbia. Even though I’m far away, my home will always be Saint John.”




1 |  White Nest Tumblers, $32

These tumblers are perfect for wine, beer, or any cold drink. Or plant a small succulent or cactus in one. Handmade in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. 



A White Nest Tumblers, $32



About A White Nest 

Located along the beautiful Tobique River in rural New Brunswick, A White Nest was created by a mother daughter duo, Karen and Emily Christensen. They craft quality handmade wool and cotton blankets and ceramic mugs and tumblers that are made to last for generations, becoming family heirlooms that can be passed down.


Also from A White Nest…



A White Nest Mugs, $42



A White Nest Throws, $199

2 |  rcboisjoli Crystal Hanging Planters, $45

I love plants and think they’re a must for every home. They help to purify the air, are energizing, and generally make for a happier home. This hanging planter, handmade in Toronto, ON, is the perfect vessel for your indoor plants. 



rcboisjoli Crystal Hanging Planter ($45), GP & J Baker Ferns Wallpaper BW45044.1 ($314/ roll), Brothers Dressler Hang Up ($225)



About rcboisjoli

rcboisjoli is a small design studio in Toronto, focused on domestic objects. Every stage of production is created by them, in shop, by hand, from plaster models and silk screened decals to their own hand-printed textiles. Inspired by the low tech, the old and by the everyday, they strive to create dynamic and modern wares.



rcboisjoli Crystal Hanging Planter Detail


3 |  Dot & Lil Lilac Scented Soy Candle, $36

One of my favourite scents is lilacs and this candle makes it smell as if a lilac tree is growing in my living room. A bonus, this soy candle has a cleaner burn and will last for up to 45 hours. Handmade in Montreal, QC.



Dot & Lil Lilac Soy Candle (12oz, $36/ 3.9oz, $21)



About Dot & Lil

Dot & Lil makes heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body & home. Their products are all made by hand in their Montréal atelier. The things they make are inspired by great ladies of the past, the universe of flowers, and the beauty of tradition.


4 |  pi’lo Canadian Tea Towel, $20

Anything pi’lo creates, I fall in love with. I particularly love these Canadian Tea Towels handmade in Toronto, ON using 100% natural linen, 


pi’lo Canadian Tea Towel dark, $20


About pi’lo

p i ‘ l o was started 25(!) years ago and is the creative child of Heather Shaw. Started while at art school, it has evolved over the years as Heather’s life has, but is still as much of a passion as it was when it first started. The downtown warehouse studio was traded in 15 years ago for an old backyard studio behind her house in downtown Toronto that once housed a sausage factory.



pi’lo Canadian Tea Towel white, $20


5 |  pi’lo Appliqué Wool Cross Cushion Grey on Black, $69

Another item from pi’lo, this cushion is handmade in Toronto, ON from vintage wool blankets with an appliquéd cross. 


pi’lo Vintage Wool Blanket Pillow – Applique Cross, $69


See Josh’s Gift picks as well as the rest of the Tuck Team’s picks in our 2019 Holiday Look Book! Plus share the look book for a chance to win a $100 Tuck Gift Card! Flip through the Look Book below and click/ tap here for more details on our share to win contest!  




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