Tuck’s got you covered for seasonal gift-giving on ANY budget!

We’ve got a gift for absolutely any budget at Tuck! From small decor to one of a kind art to functional everyday items, we’ve got you covered for all your holiday gift shopping needs. Below is helpful guide of gifts at various price points starting at less than $10!

Each item listed below is available to purchase on our online shop. Simply click or tap on the image. Buy it online and pick it up in store at Tuck, 115 Prince William Street in Saint John. For inquiries or assistance, please email hello@tuckstudio.ca


Klippan Paper Napkins

Klippan’s lovely paper napkins have 3 layers each and are printed with their beautiful patterns. Each set has 20 napkins. Perfect for holiday dinners. 

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Klippan Compostable Multi Use Dish Cloths

Spongecloths are the traditional swedish go to cloth for cleaning up tables and kitchen areas. Klippans spongecloths are made of FSC certified 70% cellulose/30% cotton. The materials and the water-soluble coulour used makes these cloths compostable.

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Velvet Heart Ornaments

An adorable heart decoration for on or off the tree, these soft velvet hearts are finished with natural wooden beads.

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Dot & Lil Bar Soap

Smells exactly like a walk in the winter woods. The nostalgic scent of tree resin on your mittens on a snow day. Holiday magic in soap bar form!

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Anigram Copper Reindeer

This decorative and playful ring holder from Umbra, you will look forward to storing your rings in the same place every day. The festive Anigram Reindeer is finished in a shiny copper making it an excellent holiday decoration. 

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Clark & James Liquid Soaps

Pure soaps for hands + body, made with olive oil and coconut oil. Rich, moisturizing lather and a scent that lingers on the skin. The amber glass apothecary bottles are perfect for bathroom or kitchen. Carefully designed and finely crafted by hand in Montréal.

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Anto Yukon Bar Soap

Anto Yukon, founded by Kym Rempel, is passionate about the natural world. Bold aromas summon images of the great Canadian landscapes for which they are named. A fieldworker in wilderness management and an avid hiker, Kym brings a wealth of knowledge of the flora and the scents of the land to her craft. Anto Yukon’s soaps aim to bring a breath of Canada’s wildness into your everyday life. Artfully crafted in Whitehorse, Yukon. Each soap is hand wrapped in small contemporary artworks by Meghan Hildebrand.

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Gilded Fern Mugs 

Crafted from stoneware and glazed in moody matte black with a decorative golden fern, these beautiful mugs make a thoughtful and treasured gift.

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Basin Ceramic Container 

These versatile glazed ceramic containers are simple and functional, with a lid that nests on top of the base. Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen storage. Available in cream or coco.

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Air Vase Small 

Designed by California artist, John Zabawa, the stoneware Air Vessels are wax painted by hand and feature a glazed interior.

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Apartment Therapy | Complete & Happy Home 

The most comprehensive and complete home book from Apartment Therapy, featuring every aspect of design and decorating from floor plans to paint, specific rooms to style approaches, with the goal of setting up and living well in a place you love.

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Black Ticking Apron

Embrace your inner chef with our French ticking stripe apron. With a handy pocket for your kitchen tools, this one-size-fits-all demi apron will keep you stylish (and clean) while you cook.

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Hester & Cook Paper Placemats

Hester & Cook paper placemats add an elegant touch to any tablescape. Designed in collaboration with various artists and by their own in house design team. Placemats come in pads, include 24 sheets and measure approx. 18.5″ x 12.5″. 

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Mai Cast Iron Teapot

Tradition made simple with this timeless cast iron teapot. Cast iron has been used to steep tea for centuries and is still a favourite among tea lovers today. This version by EQ3 holds 1200 ml or liquid and measures 6.25″ w x 7.25″ d x 8.3″ h. 

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JAW Pottery Planters & Vases

JAW Pottery (Jessie A. Wright) creates Canadian handmade ceramic table and homewares that go hand in hand with both modern and traditional homes. Most pieces are wheel thrown with white stoneware clay and decorated with washes and glazes. Handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Add a cozy and inviting green space to your home with these handmade planters. Each planter is glazed with non toxic clear glaze, has a drainage hole, and comes with a coordinating ceramic saucer to catch drips and excess water.

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Christiana Myers Carving Series of Illustrative Prints

This series of illustrative prints by Christiana Myers depict carvings, made in 1881 by James McAvity, that can be found atop the arches of Saint John’s “Old Post Office Building”, and Tuck Studio’s new location. The carving in the center represents Hermes, the messenger god of Greek mythology, easily identified by his winged helmet and the caduceus below him—very appropriate for a post office! On his left there is a male figure and on the right a female figure who some say might be Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time. The column design can be found throughout the building and others like it are common in the historically significant architecture of Prince William Street.

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Flight Cushion

This single sided printed cushion features the blue silhouettes of birds in flight. The fill is a combination of feathers and down (95% feather/ 5% down). the cover is a poly-linen blend with piped edges. Measures 22″ x 22″.

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Cloudnola Factory Clock

Cloudnola Factory clocks are Renee Vendrig’s interpretation of the time-tested station clock. Cloudnola is known for their high design and modern clocks wall clocks. Challenged to bring this perspective to a traditional clock, Renee succeeded. You can see the details, the color selection, the dial pattern and all the way down to adding the factory twist to the logo.

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Brass Finished Ice Bucket with Tongs

Conveniently serve your guests with this stainless steel ice bucket complete with a lid and tongs. The rubber sealed lid will help keep your ice lasting longer and the attached handle makes it easy to transport. The glamorous brass finish on this ice bucket is sure to catch the eye of your guests as you entertain!

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Klippan Blankets & Throws

​Klippan is a family run business and has been operating for over 140 years. Klippan started in Sweden in 1879 and is now a leader in home textiles. Klippan is known for its high quality in design and usage of pure fibres and offers unique products such as blankets, throws, cushions, table linen, and home decoration. According to Klippan’s philosophy, only natural fibres for the products are used such as wool, linen and cotton. High quality fibre is essential for the final result. Klippan is one of very few producers of this kind remaining in Europe.

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Beach Fox #1223 by Ashley Anne Clark

Ashley is a multi-disciplinary artist from Prince Edward Island working with themes of wilderness, animal life and the raw elements of nature. The process plays a strong role in her practice as she often works with diverse materials, such as seaweed, and natural sources. Ashley works closely to topics relating to landscape and wildlife and its correlation to human kind.

Beach Fox #1223 is an 8″ x 10″ piece by Ashley Anne Clarke, hand drawn & painted on wood birch block and features seaweed Ashley collected from PEI beaches. 

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La Francaise Candle Advent Calendar Gift Set 

This advent calendar contains 24 surprises mixing wax and perfume in a decorative spirit. Day after day it will reveal scented wax pendants to hang on your tree and mini-candles with candle holders to enhance your festive table.

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Hand-forged Metal Candelabra Taper Holder, Black 

This hand-forged candelabra makes a dramatic statement with its perfect aged matte black finish. Holds 5 tapers

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Gus* Modern Acrylic Wine Rack

The Acrylic Wine Rack provides an elegant solution to wine storage. The clear, minimalist design showcases the organic shapes of the bottles themselves, creating an evolving wall sculpture in your kitchen or dining room.

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We hope you’ve found our holiday gift suggestions helpful! Of course if you’re still undecided, we also sell gift cards! Gift cards can be used toward anything at Tuck and can be purchased in any absolutely any value! If you’d like to purchase a gift card please visit us in store, 115 Prince William Street, or email hello@tuckstudio.ca

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