Tuck Interiors is proud to launch its first pop up shoppe: BCK Creatives “life in the john_”!

Motivated by the same fierce, twenty-year commitment to emerging art and artists that gave Saint John  Third Space Gallery, on THURSDAY, August 31 from 6-8pmTuck Interiors will be launching its first-ever pop-up shoppe!  (38 GRANNAN STREET)

You’ve likely seen our space.  We’re on the corner of Grannan Alley. You know the one, the one about which you’ve probably asked yourself such questions as:  What is this space?  When are they going to open?  What’s with that neon sign?

Photo by: tylannosaurus

Well, here’s the skinny:   the space is Tuck Interiors. It’s our design offices, the place we go to create residential and commercial design, and where we meet clients.  It’s not open in the traditional way that, say, our store, Tuck, is.  For the most part we are by appointment only.

But, here’s another way we differ from your average design office: Tuck Interiors is going to be the site of a constantly rotating series of pop-up shoppes, collaborative projects, and art openings. What we envision is a mixture of a gallery, a rental space, and temporary commercial space all rolled into one!  When it’s open to the public we’ll have ‘open hours’  posted on the door, and on our Tuck Interiors facebook page too.

Photo by: Scott Munn

This Thursday you’re invited to come see our new space.  You’ve seen Five & DimeRogue CoffeeItalian By Night, and Yuk Yuk’s Saint John Comedy Club. Now come see the final piece to this wonderful suite of businesses now occupying what was formerly the Bustin’s building.

And here’s an added bonus:   We have a direct inside access, hidden passageways of sorts, to all of the businesses we just mentioned above.  Visit one, and you’ll be visiting all!

So, without further ado may we introduce our first community arts collaboration:

YOU ARE INVITED:  THURSDAY AUGUST 31st, 6-8 pm – “life in the john_” – Everyone Welcome.

We’re hosting BCK Creatives'(@bckcreatives) photography exhibit, “life in the john_”: a unique vignette featuring the architecture and beauty of abandoned buildings right here in Saint John. The creative pair behind the exhibition — Kate (@k8tad) and Hunter (@littlemotel) — have captured an intimate perspective on Saint John interiors that would might otherwise have been lost to view. In some cases, you literally won’t be able to see these spots in the same way again.


Kate has been obsessed with abandoned buildings since she was a kid and this love of things forgotten has been carried with her through her whole life.
When it comes to Capturing his home town Hunter is no stranger to capturing the unique views, buildings, shapes, and patterns of Saint John.


Together as “BCK Creatives” they bring their appreciation of telling stories through the lens in such a way that makes you look twice. Like that door you’ve walked by a thousand times and have never noticed the generations of paint curl against the weathered wood or that little light in the window that illuminates the pile of books on the windowsill you’ve never noticed before. These are the details that hold us here when we can’t put the feeling into words. This is Life In the John.

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