Tuck, Hopscotch, and beautiful Saint John hit the national screen!

It probably isn’t news to you, but two folks who are doing remarkable things, having an incredible impact on our community and, well, pretty much revolutionizing the culture of this region, are Pam and James Mullinger.

These two visionaries moved to our city (Pam, a Kingston Peninsula ex-pat, and James, an Englishman abroad) with their two young boys in February of 2014.

Pam & James Mullinger working in their home

Although James is probably the better known due to his indisputable talent for marketing and sold-out comedy shows, Pam is arguably the driving force behind this power couple. Her commitment to excellence, her experience in the publishing world, and her refusal to settle for ‘average,’ have worked to provide we Maritimers various fora in which we see the very best that we reflected back to us.

In my view, they have — as a couple, as business partners — authored the most impactful initiatives to hit this region in decades. The degree to which they’ve heightened awareness of our people, our businesses, our artistic community, our events, our beautiful region through various media, including print, podcasts, film, tv and social media has been something to behold. They are a Movement.

One of their latest and most impressive projects is the fruit of a successful pitch to Bell Fibre TV, “Atlantic Edition,” a show that airs to 9 million subscribers across Canada. Via in-depth interviews couched in beautiful cinematography, their zeal and passion for the Atlantic Provinces and its people have created a thing of beauty.

For reasons that still somewhat puzzle me, Pam and James asked that I help kick off this series. I was reluctant at first in that I couldn’t imagine what I might have to say as a small entrepreneur would be of much consequence. However, having seen the finished product, I think the joy I felt from the opportunity to speak about our beautiful city, our clients, our community, our Tuck Team, my parents, family and the pleasure I take in helping others create spaces, helped inform what actually amounted to something wonderful. The gifted crew Pam and James put together — particularly Nick, Tyler and Marc, along with series director Adam Lordon– managed to spin whatever straw I produced into genuine gold.

Watch it here, only on Bell Fibre TV, on channel 1, and the Fibe TV app. 

Judith & James walking on Prince William Street in Saint John, in front of Tuck Studio

I am so grateful to be among this series’s cast of remarkable Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneurs, and to Pam and James, our region’s champions extraordinaire. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Judith & James in Hopscotch Whiskey Bar in Saint John

Watch the Trailer

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