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If I had to guesstimate the number of homes I visit for one-hour consults in the run of a year, I’d put the number in the vicinity of 65 – 75. Some of these visits never develop beyond the one-hour consult, but most evolve into a more ambitious decorating relationship. A significant percentage mature into full-fledged makeovers, top to bottom transformations homes that might take a year or more to complete.

Each client is unique in their needs, their tastes, in how they want their home (or business) to ultimately look and function.

That uniqueness notwithstanding, one thing I’ve noticed of late informing virtually every exchange with a client is the increasing reliance on Pinterest and Instagram. In this age of social media, that’s perfectly understandable. Increasingly rare is the bird who isn’t constantly pinning dream homes or rooms on Pinterest, or not following accounts on Instagram that they ‘like’.

Beautifully Organized by Nikki Boyd

Ironically, the downside of this radically increased access to the world of design is a narrowing of options. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard a client identify as an expression of their putatively very personal ‘taste’ what essentially everyone on social media is celebrating as their own.

This isn’t surprising given that the minute you or I ‘like’ a certain style of kitchen, or ‘pin’ a certain backsplash, we’re going to be fed a constant stream of images that re-affirm your taste and your style.

The problem with all these algorithms isn’t just the fact that everyone thinks they and they alone want a farmhouse kitchen, or a sliding barn door. The problem is that it radically limits other possibilities, the ones that are less easily to quantify and reproduce; elements such as the importance of original art, novel colour –essentially any other decorating and interior design ideas that don’t conform to those original pics you casually ‘liked’ all those months ago. As a result, you end up effectively trapped: the house you wanted to be an expression of the uniquely you end up looking like so very many others.

Inside Creating Home by Keith Summerour

Here’s the question I ask every client: “Where do you look for inspiration?”
Almost without fail the answer is “Pinterest. Instagram. HGTV shows.” (Occasionally – and happily – a surprising number say, Tuck’s website!”)

When people ask me where they should look for inspiration, I reply with what I know: sources of cutting-edge design from London, Netherlands, Australia, Paris, New York and Berlin. I follow accounts, or subscribe to blogs, that show a different approach to decorating rather than what you get fed by established algorithms.

I know what you’re thinking: easy for you. And you’re right. It’s my business and I make it my business to follow cutting-edge (rather than mainstream) design. So, to make it easier for you, I’ve decided to add a ‘research’ element to Tuck’s commitment to design. To that end, I’ve brought in books from Rizzoli, Penguin Random House Canada, an inspirational library that you, our client, can either a) just venture in to sit down and read, or b) purchase to take home and pour through at your leisure.

A home should reflect your own personal tastes, have sufficient moxie and character to express who you are. Don’t get trapped inside an algorithm, and for f*&# sake, add some colour to your life!

Hello Color by Rachel Mae Smith

Over the next few weeks I am going to write about my top 5 favourite books, why I believe they should be on the shelves of anyone interested in good design.

Happy Reading! Drop in and see us anytime. And, if you have a book that you think we should be reading, please drop us a line. We’re into it!

Below is a list of books we now have for sale, or for reviewing in store, at Tuck.

Everyday Decorating by Jeffrey Bilhuber
Beautifully Organized by Nikki Boyd
Interiors In Detail by Dominic Bradbury
Contemporary Interiors by Philip Jodidio
Brooklyn Interiors by Kathleen Hackett
Rooms by Amelia Handegan
Manners That Matter Most by June Eding
My Cool Kitchen by Jane Field-Lewis
Life | Style by Tricia Foley
Styled by Emily Henderson
Your Home, Your Style by Donna Garlough
Hello Color by Rachel Mae Smith
Personal Space by Trip Haenisch
Houses By The Shore by Oscar Riera Ojeda
Distinctly Modern Interiors by Emily Summers
Making House by Dominic Bradbury
Design & Decoration by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
New York Interiors by Barbara Stoeltie
Dream Spaces by Victoria Hagan
Home Best Of New York Times by Noel Millea
Superdesign by Maria Cristina Didero
My Small Space by Anna Ottum
Apartment Therapy Complete by Maxwell Ryan
City Living by Francesc Zamora Mola
Swedish Country House by Susanna Scherman
Happy Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau
The Urban House by Ron Broadhurst
Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite
A Frame For Life by Ilse Crawford
Creating Home by Keith Summerour
The Seaside House by Nick Voulgaris III
New York Living by Paul Gunther
Life-Changing Manga of Tidying by Marie Kondo


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