Tired of your basement? So were Jeff & Laura! Check out our Before & After Part 1!

In our line of business, we have the unique opportunity to develop long lasting friendships with our clients. Rarely do we encounter someone and the relationship is over within a week. Most projects span years as we work with the client to implement their design. Anyone who has completed a home renovation knows, it takes time! 

This is definitely the case with longtime clients and friends, Jeff and Laura Brewer. The couple first came to us over 6 years ago for help renovating the main level of their home including a complete Kitchen, Dining room, and Living room overhaul. You can learn more about that project here.

Since then, we have had the pleasure to continue working with Jeff & Laura in the other areas of their home. First, with their main floor washroom, which was in need of a complete gut. Then we tackled their main bedroom (stay tuned for those posts next week!). After that, and most recently, we took on their entire basement giving it a facelift and transforming it to match the style of the rest of the house. The basement is the focus of this post, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the transformation!

Laura enjoying her new Gus* Modern Truss Chair

Not unlike most basements, Jeff & Laura use theirs to relax and watch TV and movies, exercise, for extra storage, and as a guest space when they have visitors. While the basement was functional, it didn’t match the style of the upper level of the home so Jeff & Laura were eager to finish this last piece of the puzzle.  And, in their words, they ‘hated it’.  

The scope in a nutshell:
– Replace flooring throughout with a durable tile
– New vanity, sinks, and décor in washroom
– Turn one of the guest rooms into a large laundry room with plenty of storage (this was a must for Laura!)
– Cosmetically update living area with new furniture, lighting, décor, and accents (all from Tuck!)

Before we get into the photos, we’d like to mention and thank everyone who worked on Jeff & Laura’s basement! 


Wallpaper: Legacy Painters  Painters: Ron Pye (Pye, R D Painting)
Tile Install: McCluskey Tile & Ceramic, Wayne McCluskey 
Cabinetry, Built-Ins, and Barn Board install: CM Woodcraft, Christoph Malinowski 
Interiors & Styling: Judith Mackin & Tuck Interiors 
Furniture, Decor, Lighting, Carpets, and Tile: Tuck 
After photos: Kelly Lawson
Of course, thank you to Jeff & Laura for continuing to come back to us for help. It is always a pleasure! 

Living Room

The living room, which is also the main and largest area of the basement, houses a fireplace, their exercise equipment, TV/Movie area, and the main entrance/exit to the backyard. We suggested a new layout for the TV/Movie area repositioning the TV on another wall, installed new JD Irving barn boards, and brought in all new furniture, lighting, and decor from Tuck

Additionally, Jeff & Laura replaced their flooring with brand new slate tiles, Ceragres Ardoise du Bresil, from Tuck. In this area, we went with large 24″ x 24″ tiles, installed smaller 3″ x 12″ tiles in front of the doorway, and then dropped down to 12″ x 24″ tiles in the washroom and laundry room.



Featured: EQ3 Cello 3 Piece Sectional, Gus* Modern Truss Chair, Gus* Modern Mimico End Table, Gus* Modern Myles Media Stand, Nuevo Josephine Side Table, Nuevo Konrad Coffee Table, Charlotte Area Carpet, Mitzi Layla Floor Lamp, Mitzi Mia Table Lamp, Mitzi Ava Double Wall Sconce, Umbra Bolo Planters, Shimmer Plant Stand. (Tuck) *The Gus* Modern Mimico Side tables are no longer available, however check out the Gus* Belmont End Table

Flooring: Ceragres Ardoise du Bresil Slate Tiles from Tuck. 

Featured: Nuevo Josephine Side Table, Nuevo Konrad Coffee Table, Charlotte Area Carpet, Umbra Trigg Tabletop Vessels, Chilewich Dahlia Placemat, EQ3 Black Marble Coasters (Tuck). 

Featured: Gus* Modern Mimico End Table, Mitzi Mia Table Lamp (Tuck). *The Gus* Modern Mimico Side tables are no longer available, however check out the Gus* Belmont End Table

The barn board feature wall is JD Irving kiln dried eastern white pine, painted to enhance the natural characteristics of each board, to replicate natural aged and weathered wood. From Home Depot. 



Featured: “Ophelia” 4′ x 5′ Acrylic by Robert Moore, follow Robert Moore on instagram for updates on his latest work. Also featured: Gus* Modern Lightbox, and Shimmer Plant Stand (Tuck). 



Featured: EQ3 Arie Chair in Coachella Camel Leather/ Herringbone Sei Fabric,  SLAB Wood From the Hood Side Table designed by Judith Mackin, Solana Jute Rug 4’x5′, Mitzi Ava Double Scone Aged Brass H109102-AGB, Harry Allen Bank in the Form of a Pig Black, Ceragres Forma 8″ Hex Black Tiles, Ceragres Ardoise du Bresil 24″ x 24″ Slate tiles (Tuck). Barnboard, JD Irving Barn Board “Drift” from Home Depot. 

Featured: Ceragres Forma 8″ Hex Black Tiles (Tuck). 

Featured: SLAB Wood From the Hood Side Table designed by Judith Mackin, Harry Allen Bank in the Form of a Pig Black (Tuck). 



Featured: We made a gallery wall using photographs from Jeff & Laura’s collection and EQ3 Edge Frames from Tuck.

Featured: The EQ3 Arie Chair is available in thousands of fabric and leather combinations, custom made in Winnipeg. Visit Tuck to look through samples and test out this super comfortable chair. 


New Ceragres tiles from Tuck, a custom vanity by CM Woodcraft, killer lighting from Tuck, and a bit of paint bring this washroom up to par with the rest of the basement. And of course, beautiful soapstone countertop to finish it off! 



Featured: Mitzi Cora Double Sconce, Mitzi Piper Flush Mount, Florence Mirror, Ceragres Forma 8″ Hex Tiles, Cole & Son Chiavi Segrete Wallpaper, Lotus Runner LB-05 Midnight (Tuck). Cabinets by CM Woodcraft



Laundry Room

At one point in time, the laundry room was a guest room, mainly used for storage. The washer & dryer were originally in the small washroom which made laundry day less than ideal. Now in a larger room complete with custom cabinets by CM Woodcraft, sleek soapstone counters, and Cole & Son Nuvolette cloud wallpaper from Tuck, this laundry room feels like a dream! 



Featured: Cole & Son Nuvolette Wallpaper, Brass Crackle Vase  filled with faux succulents, Oryx Mirror (Tuck). Cabinets by CM Woodcraft



Featured: Mitzi Sophie Flush Mount, Jute Rug, Ceragres Ardoise du Bresil 12″ x 24″ Slate Tiles (Tuck). 

Featured: Oryx Mirror 29.5″, Normann Copenhagen Old Roller Coasters Hand Soap & Hand Cream, Imm Living Painted Paw Canisters, SLAB Wood from the Hood Cutting Boards, pi’lo Hemp Wash Cloths, Plaj Towel Co. Hand Towel(Tuck). 

Featured: RCBoisjoli Crystal Hanging Planter, Umbra Float Utensil Holder, Ceragres Forma 8″ Black Hex tiles (Tuck). 

Featured: Normann Copenhagen Old Roller Coasters Hand Soap & Hand Cream, SLAB Wood from the Hood Cutting Boards, pi’lo Hemp Wash Cloths, Plaj Towel Co. Hand Towel(Tuck).

Check out all that storage! Cabinets by CM Woodcraft

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