The Originals | Les Originaux

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Saint John is home to some of the nation’s finest and most celebrated artists, artisans, and arts volunteers – people whose passion and dedication have inspired our community, our nation, and the world.

In order to recognize and celebrate the importance of these individuals and organizations, a dedicated group of committee members, under the guidance of the Saint John Community Arts Board, has created what it hopes will be an annual or biennial event – ‘The Originals/Les Originaux’.

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Click here for a video clip of Hospital Grade with Interaction Children’s Theatre Company:

Click here for a video clip of Jessica Rhaye with Saint John String Quartet:

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“Holy Cow you landed the mother of all fish!!  That was one heck of a show, more shimmer and shine that a school of blowfish on a tropical reef… I was so excited my dorsal fin was sticking straight up out of the water!! Thank you for your amazing work and for arranging for us to be part of it.

My family has been in New Brunswick since 1766 and I am about as proud a Saint Johner as you will meet but I was humbled by the beautiful way you showcased the awesome talent living among us.”  —Daryl Steeves

Categories & Finalists: (All films by Hemmings House Pictures)

Emerging Artist Award: Winner – Jack Bishop

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Visual Arts Award: Winner – Suzanne Hill

[youtube VvYF_fli_O0 autoplay=2 ]

Literary Award: Winner – Winner – Lorenzo Reading Series

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“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the Gala last night.  It was creative, funny, entertaining, beautiful, and inspirational.  I know how much work goes into bringing so many different people and technical components together to make it all look so effortless and easy.? ?Congratulations to you and your committee.  It was a night to remember.” –Sandra Donnelly

Arts Supporter Award: Winner – Michael Wennberg

[youtube wfi7GIywuXY autoplay=4]

Popular Music Award:  Winner – Brent Mason

[youtube aQlk5u8K5XU autoplay=5]

Classical Music Award:  Winner – Richard Kidd

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“Awesome show. You did an amazing job. You gave the artists the recognition they deserved and did it in an entertaining way so the audience truly felt a part of the whole experience. Nice touch too combining nominees so we could see as many artists as possible  “in action” . I think you inspired them to collaborate on more projects in the future.”  –Christiane Vaillancourt 

Performing Arts Award for Dance:  Winner – Sylvia Logan

[youtube QjMsQ4hB18k autoplay=7]

Performing Arts Award for Theatre:  Winner – Bob Doherty

[youtube 89MnUmx2osc autoplay=8]

Arts Organization Award:  Winner – Saint John Arts Centre

[youtube IUsyL8bn3Gc autoplay=9]

The Originals event was spectacular!!  Gary and I were quite literally speechless! Judith, you have given countless hours of your time and your touch was felt in every little aspect of the evening.  What a grand success!  The evening left me very proud to be a Saint Johner, surrounded by such talent.  The sense of community was very strong in the venue!  Judith, you made the night look effortless, the mark of a true master.  

Gary and Janelle Flanagan

Business for the Arts Award:  Winner – Handworks Gallery

[youtube ofAJGNmjWwc autoplay=10]

Imperial Theatre Lifetime Achievement Award:  Winner – Fred Ross and Sheila Ross

[youtube qQvePFm5gnQ autoplay=11]

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