The Team

At six members and growing, we’re a synergistic team of like-minded individuals brought together by a passion for boldly re-imagined interiors, whatever their size, shape, or purpose.


We’re committed to working closely, with each other, with our brand partners, and most of all with you, our clients.


Judith Mackin

``As a child, every Saturday morning I'd lock myself in my bedroom, re-arrange all the furnishings and toys, then pass out a score sheet to my parents, who would dutifully assign me a mark in the various categories (Is the arrangement of board games too linear?). Thus was my passion for interior design lovingly fostered. Not much has changed. Only now I do it for clients and I have a store full of lovely things from which we both can choose. ``

Heather Anderson

``After nearly a decade on the West Coast, I recently moved back to Saint John. I've observed so many positive changes in the city and am thrilled to have found my place in it as a member of the Tuck team. As a furniture and interior design enthusiast, I’m anxious to help people bring style and function into their homes and lives. Oh, and I am still an aspiring dog owner, so, in the meantime, I hope you don't mind me cuddling yours!``

Craig Morris

``After working in the fashion industry for over 15yrs, and moving back to Saint John with my family; I have grown far more interested in my surrounding environments than the clothes on my back. So this move to Tuck feels like a natural progression. I spend a lot of my free time scouring for new and old music. My daughter has incredible rhythm; I am constantly in awe of her ability to recognize a good beat. To me, a well-designed space should always have a well-curated soundtrack to match.``

Andrea Brewer

``After living in Fredericton for 4 years, my trusty sidekick, the cutest rottweiller/lab/whippet mix named Kinley, and I made the move to Saint John. Before living in Fredericton, I spent a decade in Halifax earning degrees in Fine Arts and Art History. When I'm not in the studio painting, Kinley and I are out experiencing the many wonders this city has to offer from the gorgeous architecture uptown to the unique and fascinating local businesses! ``

Robyn Mackin

Robyn, the newest team member to Tuck, joins Craig in the shipping/ receiving department. With a keen eye for detail and organization this role suits Robyn to a tee! When Robyn's not at work he can be caught giving Pablo, his cat, cuddles on the side while listening to loud, heavy music.

Joshua Hayes (Our BC Office)

“Originally from Saint John, I studied Interior Decorating in Ottawa then came back to the Port City to pursue my career. Before coming to Tuck, I worked at any number of retail stores, including the EQ3 store in Ottawa. I now live on Canada’s West Coast in British Columbia. Even though I’m far away, my home will always be Saint John.”

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