Special art from artists Ryan Livingstone, Darren Emenau (and more) for Valentine’s Day!

Treat the people you love to some style this year and show them how much you care with items selected specifically for this day dedicated to LOVE. Our curated Valentine’s Day display has been arranged to touch the hearts of many – providing some easy and thoughtful gifts to the people who are important to us.

The theme? Pink!

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Our in store display features many pieces of local art that are appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Our newest prints from Ryan Livingstone are mounted on the wall and we are IN LOVE with the pink!

Vintage Valentino (2016):

VintageValentino - All

Full of history, these reduction relief prints are a series of interlocking rings that represent two people coming together to become one. It is a beautiful homage to marriage and love. The reliefs were made specifically for Valentine’s day, and these 13’’ x 13’’ prints can be arranged in a way that creates an ombré effect from the most pronounced and colourful down to the faded and simple. Unframed ($130) Framed ($150)  You can purchase one, or several!



Protea (2016):

Protea, 2 of 13image1-15

This piece has the interlocking ring pattern behind two crows above the South African flower “Protea” – a flowering sugarbush that represents hope and change. These are also reduction reliefs and measure 15” x 23’’. Unframed ($185) Framed ($250)

Blue/Red Crows with Skull (2016):



These 15.5” x 15.5” prints are printed on semi-translucent paper and feature blue and red crows. The skulls in the background of these pieces are kind of like the invisible ink that we’d play with as kids – when they are mounted on a dark backdrop, the skulls are revealed. Unframed ($130) Framed ($150) 

Darren Emenau has also dropped off some exclusive pink glazed pieces just in time for Valentine’s Day. They would be the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of local art! Prices range from $160 t0 $320!


Aside from local art, you can pick up some other Canadian Valentine’s Day gifts at Tuck that are still in keeping with the theme!

Said the King – “Fuck you, Love me” Standard Pillowcases – set of 2 – $65

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.14.28 PM

Leave a message for your partner or see what’s waiting when you wake up. Each side of this set of two pillowcases features a different word: ‘love’ and ‘fuck’ on one, ‘me’ and ‘you’ on the other. Just don’t forget to arrange them accordingly when your mom pops by. Hand printed in Toronto.

The Vita Copenhagen Carmina Light – Baby Rose ($109 for shade only)

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.17.36 PM

This pretty-in-pink shade can be hung with a cord kit or simply popped on a tripod to set on your floor or table. The VITA Carmina is designed in reference to the soft waves of the slow moving dunes of the many beautiful shorelines surrounding Denmark. The VITA Carmina introduces calm visual lines in an otherwise strict linear approach to the northern simplistic design history.

And of course, we have Valentine Gift Certificates – the perfect solution!

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