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Based in Toronto, Canada, Umbra (Latin for “shade”), has become a global leader in product design and currently distributes in over 120 countries across the world with offices in Europe, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and China.

Umbra was born out of passion for original design and the desire to create products for every home. Umbra’s team of international designers brings thought and creativity into everyday items. Driven by innovation, they pull inspiration from the global marketplace, in order to push boundaries in their approach to original design. 

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When you order Umbra from our online shop, it ships direct to your home for free! Browse, add to cart, checkout, and simply wait for your purchases to arrive at your door. Umbra has everything you need to decorate, organize, and totally trick out your home including ingenious designs made to make your life easier.

Keep reading to see some of the products we’re loving right now from Umbra! 

Stack Dish Rack

A classic dish rack refined for increased functionality and a more streamlined look. Introducing Stack by Umbra Stack is a foldable x-shaped dish rack with a bamboo frame and wire rack. Built into the rack is a flat bottom tray for drying space. The top rack holds 18 plates or bowls. Details: Stack’s wire has a nickel finish and the bamboo has a natural finish. This contemporary dish rack measures 16 x 11 ¼ x 9” (40.6 x 28.5 x 22.9 cm). About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual and functional design for the home.

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Grove Planter

An elevated garden bed with room to store multiple plants, Grove freestanding Planter is a unique way to store indoor plants of your choice without the pain of bending or kneeling. Featuring wooden legs that elevate the metal planter box to show off greenery, while keeping it easy to move around, this planter is a modern and versatile planter solution. This easy to use planter comes with an inner plastic tray to make planting easier and less messy. Made of high-quality powder-coated metal and real wood, this stylish and modern planter is sure to last. Measures 11.4 x 35 x 28.5 inches (28.9 x 88.9 x 72 cm).

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Quench Watering Can

Don’t bother tucking away this watering can when it’s not in use. A can that is equally decorative as it is functional, Quench is a modern and unique watering can that makes watering plants an exciting task. Rust-proof and made of stainless-steel Quench has a shiny metal finish and is durable to wear. With a 1L capacity, 360-degree handle, and semi-open top this can is easy to re-fill and simple to reach tough angles. Quench’s unique silhouette can be displayed and shown off on a window ledge or shelf thanks to its original and contemporary design. Pair Quench with any one of Umbra’s planters for a perfect duo or gift. Measures 4.8 x 6.4 x 10.6 inches (12.2 x 16.2 x 27 cm).

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Otto Large 8.5oz. Sensor Soap Dispenser 

Say goodbye to dirty hands and germs with an innovative, hands-free automatic touchless soap dispenser that was designed for everyday use. Introducing Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser from Umbra Updated Design!! Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is now available with a larger 8.5oz (255ml) capacity for even more cleaning and less refilling. Otto’s sleek profile, high-gloss finish, and chrome accents look great in any kitchen or bathroom. The innovative sensor pump technology automatically dispenses a fixed amount of liquid soap – not too much, not too little – helping reduce waste and saving you money on supply costs. Otto’s new 8.5oz (255ml) capacity can be filled with dish soap, liquid hand soap, or hand sanitizer. The fluid level indicator window lets you see when it’s time to refill and the large, top-load refill opening makes topping it up quick and easy. Operating on four AAA batteries (not included).

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Casa Tissue Cover

CASA’s playful design makes your standard square tissue box a lot less boring. This tissue box holder is shaped like a house with a tiny chimney stack that dispenses your tissue, making it look like a little cloud of smoke. Perfect for disguising standard boutique (cube-shaped) tissue boxes and adding a decorative touch to your bathroom, bedroom, or any other room in your home or office. CASA measures 5 x 6 ¾ x 5 inches (13 x 17 x 13 cm) and is made from durable, easy-to-clean polypropylene.

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Vala Floor Mirror

Whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out on the town, it helps to have easy access to your favorite clothing and accessories and of course, a full-length mirror to pose in front of to make sure everything is just right. Depending on your living space, this might be easier said than done… until now!

Vala is a new, modern take on the classic clothing valet created by the Umbra Design Studio. The innovative, multi-function design combines a full-length mirror, clothing rack, and built-in accessory tray giving you easy access to everything you need when getting dressed. Best of all, it features a small footprint that makes it perfect for small-space living, open-concept spaces, bachelor apartments, dressing rooms and anywhere in need of a little extra clothing storage.

Measures 71 x 4.5 x 48 inches when completely flat.

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Trigem Jewelry Stand

Messy, tangled necklaces making an appearance in your jewelry organizer or drawer more often than you would like? That’s no longer an issue – with TRIGEM three-tier jewelry stand, the three bars provide ample storage space that allows you to spread out all your necklaces so that they stay tangle-free! With a sleek and simple design, TRIGEM, along with your favorite jewelry pieces, acts as a modern piece of décor you can display anywhere to add some style to your living space, and the protective padded base ensures your surface won’t get damaged. TRIGEM comes in White/Nickel and White/Brass.

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Cinch Laundry Hamper

Carrying laundry to the washer and dryer can be quite cumbersome. Get yourself a hamper that makes transporting laundry easy. Introducing Cinch Laundry Hamper by Umbra. Doing laundry is a breeze with a laundry hamper designed to make carting it around simple. The arms of the steel wire base are flexible enough to come together to transport the laundry hamper with one hand making it convenient and easy to carry. The mesh laundry bag can easily be removed and is machine washable making it easy to clean. Cinch measures 29½ x 16 x 12 ½ inches, so this hamper doesn’t take up a lot of room but is large enough to transport big loads of laundry.

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Browse the entire Umbra collection using our new online shop and order from the comfort of your home! 

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