Robert Moore’s fourth book of poetry to be released this fall.

It’s my special pleasure to announce that Robert’s (aka my husband’s) fourth book of poetry will be released this fall and the book launch will happen here in Saint John (date, location to be announced).

What makes me doubly excited about this announcement is that one of my best friends, Chris Lloyd (stranger to few of you I’m sure), is collaborating with Robert on this book as its illustrator (and when is the last time you read a book of illustrated poetry?).
Below is a brief release from the publishing house, Véhicule Press. Carmine Starnino edited the ‘Bovinities’ (he also edited Robert’s third book of poetry, Figuring Ground.

Photo of Chris Lloyd.
Here is a link to Chris’ CV.

And, a link to his large amount of art projects.

And, his blog about his ongoing daily correspondence to the Prime Minister since 2001.  (That is not a typo).

To learn more about Robert and his previous three books of poetry please visit his website here.

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