Anigram Reindeer Ring Copper


Small accessories, rings especially, can be difficult to keep track of.


With this decorative and playful ring holder from Umbra, you will look forward to storing your rings in the same place every day.


Introducing ANIGRAM Reindeer Ring Holder by Umbra. Each ring holder is constructed of cast metal and has a shiny, copper-plated finish. This petite, yet sturdy, animal ring holder complements many interior spaces.


It functions well next to your bed, at the kitchen sink, or bathroom countertop. The bottom surface of each animal features padding to prevent scratching. Umbra branding is embossed under the base. 

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  • HOLDS MULTIPLE RINGS: This reindeer-shaped ring holder has enough room to store multiple rings of various sizes
  • CHROME, NICKEL OR COPPER PLATED, CAST METAL FIGURINE WITH PADDED BASE: Anigram reindeer has a beautiful shiny copper finish and looks great on a vanity, adding a hint of warm metallic to your space. Its padded base prevents it from scratching any surface it sits on.
  • UNIQUE RING HOLDER: Anigram is inspired by modern animal illustrations and sculptures. The shapes, proportions, and material finishes in this family create this refined approach to the animal ring holder.
  • AFFORDABLE GIFT: Great for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc., ideal for party favors, also available in a three pack containing a bunny, elephant and reindeer
  • COMPACT SIZE: Keeping a small footprint, while making a big impact, this reindeer ring holder measures approximately 1 ¾ x 1 ¾ x 3 inches

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