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Dot & Lil makes heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body & home. Their products are all made by hand in their Montréal atelier. The things they make are inspired by great ladies of the past, the universe of flowers, and the beauty of tradition. 


Anto Yukon, founded by Kym Rempel, is passionate about the natural world. Bold aromas summon images of the great Canadian landscapes for which they are named. A fieldworker in wilderness management and an avid hiker, Kym brings a wealth of knowledge of the flora and the scents of the land to her craft. Anto Yukon’s products aim to bring a breath of Canada’s wildness into your everyday life. Artfully crafted in Whitehorse, Yukon. Each soap is hand wrapped in small contemporary artworks by Meghan Hildebrand


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