Suzanne Hill

In the 1960s, Suzanne Hill studied Fine Arts at Mount Allison, where her instructor Alex Colville told her, “Suzanne, when in doubt, simplify,” advice that has been crucial to her in her visual arts career. Neither of her parents went to university, and she still appreciates that her father, a practical businessman, encouraged her to follow that path. After graduating, she sold gloves and drapes, drafted telephone systems, and dabbled in what was then called “commercial art”. These experiences provided a great incentive to take a teaching degree from McGill in Art and English, where she was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor’s gold medal. Suzanne, and her husband, Jack, moved to New Brunswick “for just a year or two,” teaching in Saint John. The plan was to return to their home province, Quebec. Some 40 years later they are still here.

“Most of my work is based on small insights into conditions and situations that affect almost everyone. I suppose these insights come from my own experiences and attitudes, but I try to be careful to filter out specific personal elements that might make the work self-referential or “therapeutic”. My goal is to set up constructs and images that encourage recognition and responses based on a person’s own background and set of experiences.” -Suzanne Hill

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